Has 8-7 loot been reduced again? (Answer: No)

No hard numbers but it feels like I am getting fewer swords and kits from 8-7 than I used to, say a month or two ago. Anyone else notice a change?

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I get around 10 recruits from there

I haven’t really noticed a recruit change, but more of a change in number of swords and kits received, or so it seems. I just did about 11 runs (33 energy worth) and got 3 sword and 4 kits total.

Just did 2 runs, for testing. Here you go:

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Maybe you had some very good luck, or I am having horrible luck? I will keep track of a larger sample size and see. If someone already runs 8-7 regularly could keep track and report back with a large sample size I would appreciate it.

My understanding of

Is that you should get a kit and sword every other run, so I should have received about 5 swords and 5 kits from my 11 runs.

I noticed you don’t get feeders as often. I switched to 6-8 for most of my farming. I get better loot it seems for the same world energy

My two last runs

While everything you say is true, it is an average over many, many runs. I have some 10-game sessions with just 2-3 kits…and others with 10-12. On average, the numbers work out but I’m the short term it can be wildly different.


“Reduced again”

When was it reduced the first time?


Yeah they nerf 8-7 loot every update just like they nerf Wu kong. The madness must stop!


12 games ; 8 bags and 2 swords 100+ recruits 6 heros and 4 troops.

Seems reasonable to me.

This stage is alright for backpacks done a few is S2 hard

I’ve seen a couple references to a nerf in Version 1.6, which was released in August 2017 (yes, 2017, as in 2.5 years ago), e.g.:


I ran it 10 more times and got 8 kits and 5 swords. Seems I was on a string of bad luck before, maybe some confirmation bias as well. Yes, the previous nerf of 8-7 was from years ago and the only thing about this that was showing up in searches.

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I suspect that’s not what OP is referring to, but fair…


That was what I was referring to, as it was the only mention of 8-7 having loot reduced previously.

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10x auto run on 8-7

Hope it helps?

they have been reducing 8.7 loot since ages ago. I am surprised we still get any loot completing that stage.

Thank you for all the replies. I think we can say that the loot has not been reduced lately. We could probably lock/close this for now.
@Rook @zephyr1

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I edited the title and am closing. I will PM you so you can buzz me when you want to reopen. :+1:

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