Harry Potter characters for new event challenge


Luna Lovegood would be blue of course. Her special skill would have to involve summoning wrackspurts at the enemy to induce confusion.

Actually there’s a lot of good things that a Luna card could use, because she is such a charismatic character. I like how she started off as just a comedic side character but over the remaining books she showed that she was intelligent, kind, loyal and brave. Team Luna!


Hagrid’s attack would be throwing a bunch of three-headed puppies at the enemy & blinding the enemies for 3 turns because of their cuteness. I could see Hel completely forgetting to hit & kill my almost dead Sonya because she’s too busy aww-ing and letting the puppies lick her face.


I’m super happy for copyrights! Because I could never get into HP. Found it dull, boring and so whiny. I am way too competitive but would have to opt out of that event!


What about his treacle fudge? Glue the enemies teeth together and silence them for x turns?


Well, books and films are open to interpretation, and that’s part of what’s fun. Ultimately it’s just my opinion and your take on the character is different. I’ve read and enjoyed the HP books many times, and to be honest if I didn’t enjoy them I wouldn’t even bother discussing them later :slight_smile:

Yep, I felt a bit frustrated with Harry as a character. I think he’s really quite bratty at times, lacking empathy for Cho. Half Blood Prince (my favourite in the series) gave Harry some opportunity to reflect on his rash actions (e.g. sectumsempra) and more insight into important people he knows and has previously made assumptions about. But then it all sort of went out the window again in the deathly hallows. Hermione relegated to domestic duties and being arbiter to Ron and Harry was also strange.

But I do appreciate that these characters are portrayed as people with flaws, if HP had been a perfect hero it would have been impossible to read :slight_smile:



  • Dumbledore 5 star purple, tank, slow attack, special something like Merlin but longs 5 turns
  • Harry 5 star, fast hitter, special expelliarmus which causes 1 opponent for 5 turns not beaing able to attack
  • Hermione 4 star, she repairs everything so she will be a healer. Might also be the second 5star hero
  • Ron, 4 star, with rat minions. Causes 200 damage
  • Luna 3 star, as she causes confusion she will get the Merlin special too
  • Maybe another 3 star? Neville? causes a frog plague at attacked hero. It will give just dot.



Casts a slug belching spell, with a % chance to rebound. lol


Mad eye moody - Imperium Curse - immediately causes an enemy to fire their special, but on the reversed team .i.e if Boldtusk is hit, the buffs go to Moody’s team, if Joon is hit, he attacks am ally

Bellatrix le Strange - Adarva Cadarva - insta kills an enemy, however all surviving enemies immediately have full mana.

Severus Snape - Sepro Semper - enemy is silenced and loses health over time


Voldemort - releases venomous snake attacks


Sorting Hat- yellow- target is reduced to a 1st year student (1*) until the debuff is removed

Fawkes- red- special phoenix song/tears/rebirth, I don’t know I just like Fawkes :slight_smile:

(I’ll see myself out now!)


Good try @Perilin. Thanks for playing :joy::joy:


If we are being accurate then Dumbledore is a five star with the power to oneshot anybody, but once his special charges it never shoots. If you attack him then he generates minions that look like toddlers to save everybody.

  • Only a Snape card can one-shot a Dumbledore :wink:

  • Weasley Twins! Must have Fred and George (their spell specials are twinned and work twice as strong when together)

  • Bellatrix Lestrange should be a high card. Casts Crucio (causing the opponent to be immobilized in pain for three turns).

  • Gawp, Hagrid’s giant brother: Slow, but every 4th hit will accidentally crush the target. May hit the card NEXT to the target by mistake.