Harry Potter characters for new event challenge

Here’s a suggestion: how about basing next event heroes/ characters from Harry Potter movies? I would definitely invest on buying gems just to get it.

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They probably couldn’t do that due to copyright issues. Not sure though.


Yes, SG has been a model of restraint with respect to copyright infringement thus far! :wink:

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Everything they have used so far has been public domain due to age…Grimm’s fairy tales, Tolkien, CS Lewis, etc. Harry Potter is still under current copyright


Jk Rowling is a brutal litigator too!

Moreover, although I enjoy some aspects of her wizarding world, all the main characters are very annoying.

In E&p, Harry’s special attack would be Lucky Entitled Whiner. It would steal all of Hermione’s mana…

I think there are many more sources of non-copyrighted characters - Norse or Roman history or mythology for example.

And season two seems to have a tropical, ocean, Atlantis vibe :grinning:


The silhouettes in the teaser suggest Asian themed monsters to be involved in season 2.


Respect to Rowling, and I loved the books at the beginning but somewhere along the way Harry became absolutely insufferable (wah wah why didn’t Dumbledore tell me everything! I’m so important! My parents!!! I must be privy to, and involved in all the stuff the experienced adults witches and wizards are planning!). IMO all the teen angst was also too silly but maybe I’m just not remembering how to teenager properly. /shrug

Also agreed on the wealth of mythological characters from around the world. Plenty of inspiration!


Yer, I think her writing was the victim of her success. None of the editors had the bottle to tell her to cut 30% of the fat out of the last few books. They were far too bloated.

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Which would be a clever target market. They LOVE Gacha games in Asia.

LOL you’re cruel. Harry has reason to whine, and plenty of it. If anything you could accuse JK Rowling of being cruel to her main character. But then again, if you would I’d raise you with George RR Martin. Of course.

Umbridge would make a fine titan though.


But bad stuff is happening to a lot of other kids at hogwarts, and adults in the wizarding world too. Harry just seems completely oblivious to anyone else’s suffering despite all these dark wizards doing plenty of harm in the world. Like when they’re at st Mungos and he’s surprised to find out that Neville’s family are in there, and the shape they are in. Granted teenagers are by nature pretty self-centered, but his little rants about all the stuff he’s done (conveniently forgetting how much help he gets from others) makes him less likeable. He also repeatedly puts himself and his friends into bad situations, despite all the adults in his proximity doing their best to protect him.

GRRM is something else entirely tho :smiley:

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It’s the time turner that completely breaks Harry potter.

So you have access to time travel? Do you fancy trying to prevent the deaths of any of your friends and relatives? No…just a pet. Ok.

Want to try time travel in any other situation? No, we’ll just park that. But hey, house elf rights are interesting, right?

And giants. Where are the much discussed giants?

Interestingly, JK Rowling herself admitted she went into time travel far too light-heartedly in the Prisoner of Azkaban. And it took her some effort to fix this in the later books. Including having all the remaining time turners destroyed. You’d think she’d learn. And then she allows that canon to be shattered with the Cursed Child, the play, some years later. For some that was a bridge too far. While Rowling herself claimed the Cursed Child is canon, they cannot accept that.

I don’t know. I just accept each book/film for what it is, something intended for my entertainment. So I allow it to entertain me. Take my hand, and take me on the next trip. If you want me to forget some of what I know, or see it differently, then I will, because you are leading the journey and I’m eager to enjoy it.

Basically canon is a flexible thing for me. This allows me for example to enjoy the marrow out of cinematic movie adaptations. If the book is canon, a film can never follow that canon completely. So I take the film as canon in a parallel dimension. Fantasy writers appeal to our fantasy, and I find no trouble in using fantasy to accept different dimensions of canon. You lead, I follow.

Needless to say though, the most memorable moments often are those where pivotal canon from the books is presented in full effect in movies. Or when the next book in the series does take off with the canon from the previous books and further deepens it out, rather than steering it to a totally different place.

But I’ll be damned if I let strict adherence to canon ruin my enjoyment of fantasy books. To me, that’s a too big price to pay.

Bwahahahaha, I love it!

And I really liked the HP books, too, but you do have a point…

As Harry’s spells only worked right with Voldemort, it is obvious his special only works at Guin :smiley: Other heroes will only receive 30% of it.

So with Guin it makes 800 damage, with others 240% :smiley:


Wouldn’t it be nice by the way if one of the heroes will say every time he is killed:

“I’ll be baek”

(hope this looks like German accent :smiley: )

I do believe that’s the most serious and sensible post I have seen you write, recently, @bertus :grin:

Even the great Arthur Conan Doyle had to retcon Sherlock Holmes cannon by bringing him back to life after a public outcry.

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Lol, no not really :joy:

But Arnie’s Austrian, if that helps!

Ummm oblivious?! He sacrifices himself for everyone in the end. I feel like we read an entirely different series.

I don’t think it will ever happen due to Copyright. But if it did, which HP characters would you want as heroes, which colors, and what would be their stats and specials? :slight_smile:

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