Harpoon use increases 4* ascension drop rate?

So we took down a blue 8* titan with the generous use of harpoons from my terrific alliance; and look what dropped… does using harpoons increase the chances of rare 4* ascension materials dropping?image


Merely a coincidence.

Harpoons are only for titan parts. Which rarity parts and how many parts depend from stars of the titan and how many harpoon you use (first, second or third quota).

That’s a nice loot bonus, but harppons have nothing to do with it.


What are the dragon parts for?

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All 4* ascension items do not unlock until Titan loot tier 9.

So getting a B score on a 8* titan unlocks all 4* ascension items.

Harpoons help you get a B score because they do 6 turns of Attack -25% and Defense -30% versus a stunned titan.

I intend to stock up on harpoons for 7* rare titans so I can get Titan loot tier 9 ( +1 loot tier for rare, and emblems added to rare titan loot only ).


It is possible that harpoons increase the odds of getting unfarmable ascension mats in general. This was from a 7* titan, loot tier X, first tier of harpoons:


Now that’s a reward I’d like to see @lexinen!! Well at least my Frida would. You know how cold those polar bears get, what with no fur to keep them warm…

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What a reward wow! Grats!

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The alliance I’m in have taken down a couple of harpooned 10 and 11* titans now and there have been no reports of an unusual number of unfarmables… myself, I’m getting the same rope and sharpening stone for A and B as always. It’s good to know some things don’t change ;>.

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Picky picky, @Kitten

Try improvising!



Can’t believe I hadn’t thought to do that. I bow to your brilliantness ;p

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