Harpoon tiers 2 and 3 should have better loot

Can it be reviewed that harpoon tiers 2 and 3 have increased loot? The general consensus among many alliances is that it isn’t worth the cost to throw the harpoons for the current return from these tiers.

When we look at balancing the game we often only look at heroes… extra emblems or titan parts for hitting the 2nd and 3rd tiers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance :grin::grin::grin:


Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:
But knowing my alliance we would need to reach the 2nd or 3rd step every time, thus draining our resources.

Why? Isn’t it obvious that the giant harpoon titan 2nd and 3rd milestones only increase the drop rolls of titan parts? Everyone knows that if you want to have better titan loot rolls, you need to battle higher level titans and get the best titan grade.

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Hi @Capcom3663 :slightly_smiling_face:

I actually like your post but couldn’t find the usual “like” button (aka: heart symbol) to click… :thinking:

Nevertheless, I think it’s a good idea (if the current harpoon requirements/cost-to-craft were restructured/less costly especially for Tier 3…) and, although I searched for similar topics with the same idea, I couldn’t find one (albeit just a quick 5 minute search, tbh…).

But there’s probably better ways to obtain ascension mats through game-play and less resource-intensive as crafting harpoons (based on the current costs)

In the meantime, here’s info from the closest related topic (that I found, anyway…):

  1. although using extra harpoons can increase an individual player’s chances of a higher loot tier (ex. B loot) and a chance at better rolls , therefore increasing the amount of harpoons to (possibly) reach tiers 2 and 3,

  2. there currently is no difference in the drop rate for titan parts, which imho, is the main reason for using harpoons (especially with the introduction of the Mythic Titan event where titan parts are needed to craft high end battle items…again, imho).

Here’s the statement from @Guvnor

Here’s the link to the OP:

Best of Luck



Hi @Ultra :slightly_smiling_face:

I could’ve misread this (I admit I do that sometimes🤣) but perhaps the idea is for increased loot and not just the titan parts?

So more harpoons resulting in Tier 2 adds +2 titan parts to the tier 1 drop rate & Tier 3 adds +3 more (5 more in total). But as far as increasing the actual loot tier or even loot rewards (for ascension mats as an example…) doesn’t seem to occur…

Which (I thought) is what the OP was getting at?..but that’s just me…

Hope this helps



Even before, we all know that using giant harpoons only enable the alliance to get titan parts, if the first milestone is achieved, and more titan part rolls if the alliance reach further the advanced milestones. All titan guides have here already explained that more titan loot roll are feasible with higher level titans.

Make no mistake, my alliance is only battling 10 star titans, but OP would be totally unfair to alliances that battle 14* titans since you need more giant harpoons to reach those advanced milestones while little alliances can enjoy better loot using approximately half of the total giant harpoons used by big alliances to get to the 3rd milestone.

I am content as it is. Getting to the 3rd milestone using harpoons already provide better loot, but only to more titan part rolls.

You called :wink:.

Ditto what @Ultra said.


@Ultra ,

Good points on your position and, although I don’t disagree, I still think it’s a good idea …but only under certain conditions (which I included in my updated post above).

I guess I’m just hopelessly idealistic and was (initially) fixated on any options for getting better loot (specifically 4* ascension mats) but thank you for stating additional facts. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for your input, but we are already at 14*s and top 100 on mythic. We are trying to get more titan parts but its not worth the food to craft 40+ harpoons when the titan doesn’t even return that.

I’m not like other complaining about 4* ascension mats… thats not the point.

Ask yourself is it worth it to hit 2nd and 3rd tiers on titans?

The answer is no. Make it yes. Why have something as an option that isn’t worth it.

Make it something so.ethi g that is beneficial.

Please don’t shut down this topic with o
Hit higher titans… we already do.

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Everyone jumps on ascension mats whenever someone tries to make a suggestion about loot. This topic isn’t about asc mats. It’s strictly about titan parts and the cost to reward with them.

We hit 14* Titans consistently. At this level the amount of resources required to produce the harpoons needed for tier 2 or 3 isn’t worth the return of titan parts you get at that level.

It would be nice for a review of the titan parts awarded at those tiers. There’s plenty of threads reviewing the analytics of those tiers but nothing about how you really don’t get enough. Unless I’m not seeing it but I can’t find threads on this specific idea/topic. There really should be an increase of titan part drops at those tiers.


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Agreed. We did the math and took for granted anything more than tier 1 was just a waste of resources. So always stop at tier 1.

Agreed - the rewards for higher tiers should be reviewed, as currently there is no incentive to achieve anything more than tier 1.

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No point tagging me. I’m just a player like yourself with literally as much influence/ decision making ability as you have.


I just noticed your title… I know there must be a story behind it. Congrats :thinking::tada::confetti_ball:

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Thanks @Sarah2 :slightly_smiling_face:

tbh, I’m not sure and afraid to ask… lol :joy:

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I empathise completely lol :joy::rofl::joy:

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