Harpoon not functioning with Tornado

I have just started playing with harpoons and have found a bug regarding the stun mechanic.

So, in normal use, a harpoon reduces attack by 20%, and, if used on a stunned Titan, the defense is also reduced - all good.

However, I have discovered that if you stun a titan using a Tornado item, by having the tiles cause a stun during the reshuffle, and then use a harpoon, it does not give the stun bonus for the harpoon. It treats the hit as if made to an unstunned titan.

As you can see clearly, I use a Tornado, and the tiles reshuffle and stun the titan, however, when the harpoon is used, it acts as if it was not.

Thank you for your time.

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I think this happens because the turn isn’t actually finished. Did you see what happens when using tornado in a row on bosses in missions? Even if they are full of mana, they don’t fire. The game doesn’t consider you had a turn. This is the case for titans also. It is like actually you didn’t have your turn to stun the titan. This is how tornado works and I don’t think is a bug :slight_smile:


I do understand what you are saying, and was the same thing I thought, however a stunned titan is a stunned titan. Thank you for your response :slight_smile:

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Agreed a stunned titan is a stunned titan

And while the mechanics are working as designed, they were designed before these other mechanics so may need some tweaking in my opinion

@Petri any thoughts?


To summarize. To stun a titan requires 1 turn. OK so far? But using tornado doesn’t count as a turn. See what happens in every battle with hard bosses if you use more tornado in a row. Like I said, the bosses could fill their mana, but don’t take action because wasn’t count as a turn. And if the turn doesn’t exist, titan cannot be stunned. This is how tornado works.

If you look above, the titan is clearly stunned, and acts as such, too :slight_smile:


I didn’t notice that and I misunderstood. Maybe you’re right and it’s a bug. Or maybe the effect doesn’t apply because the reason I said. The staff only knows for sure.

I have sent a support ticket in addition to this thread. I will report back when I hear from them :slight_smile:

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