Harpoon crafting costs escalates?

Am I seeing this correctly? Each new harpoon I craft costs more iron/food than the previous?

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Is that true? @zephyr1 @Garanwyn

Not that I’ve ever observed.

@Halifax can you post screenshots?

Unless I got a bad batch of Keebler Kookies, my First harpoon cost less than 45kk iron, the second was 65k iron and all subsequent cost 94600

No screenshots as I didn’t realize anything was amiss

But I had 51k iron when my harpoon research completed, and under 10k when I clicked to craft my first. I raided for iron, got about 70k and clicked to build the second and was down to under 10k again… now I need over 90k

Harpoon research is ready for me in 3 hours.
Will post screen for 1st harpoon costs as soon as I can.

I will not be making a harpoon very soon as I am front runner in allie with building, will try to increase iron storage first and need the iron for that.
But when I have completed the first harpoon I will update with the costs for 2nd harpoon.


Just finished researching and it’s 94k


P.S. After crafting one the price doesn’t change


A little hidden info about the harpoon (tap the “?”) he decrease att (-25%) and def (-30%) to stunned titan

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Nope. It always costs the same 94600 iron. Maybe you missed a 0 and had 100k instead of 10

Must be it. Or transposed food and iron. Or the neighbours pot smoking is finally having an effect.