Harpoon and caltrop not targeting enemy heroes in TOL

Hey my wife ran into an issue and I was wondering if it is a bug. When fighting the enemy heroes she has tried targeting a specific hero to hit with both harpoons and caltrops, but it always hits a different hero. From what she remembers she was targeting the far right hero of the three and it hit the middle hero instead one time and the far left hero another time. Any thoughts?

EDIT - looks like she had them targeted first and then when setting off the items she was just clicking the item box expecting them to hit the already targeted hero. Not realizing she needed to click the specific hero again after activating the item.

Any chance she may have tapped the target an extra time? I used four harpoons without targeting, and I’m pretty sure it hit the left enemy twice then the middle enemy twice, but I did it rapidly because I just wanted to finish the level. So perhaps it picked the middle enemy by default.

yeah looks like she wasn’t clicking the specific hero again after selecting the item. and AI was randomly picking who to hit instead.

@zephyr1 @Guvnor this post can prob be closed or removed.


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