Harpoon a Titan - Get Better Loot

Hey everyone! Here’s the first titan we harpooned and the loot I got:


Nice. Highest titan I ever beat was an 8*. I’m the only one who can make Harpoons in my alliance so far. I haven’t seen any of these rewards yet. Hopefully lower rarity titans also give good drops. Thanks for sharing!


Thank’s for the awesome demo. It’s appreciated. The Titan Skull look’s rare at 4*'s. Best of luck. Roar on!!!

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Here’s part 2 where I describe more about using the harpoon and when to time it:

What I do think is that the difference between 44 and 125 is negligible, it does not compensate, the cost is high.

Titan harpons?? How do I get to use them.

Build your stronghold to level 21 and then convert a building (Forge) into a Hunter’s Lodge. Then you can craft them.

Ok. Thank you. Now how do you get ascension loot. I 4 - 4* n 1- 5* that needs compasses to ascen6

Just time, patience, and filling all of your chests @little1

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