Harder quests please

Ok Shrikewood has appeared but for everyone in my alliance this is very easy and we do it for the ORB. Since S3 is not here could we have some harder quests perhaps with better loot. Perhaps limit them to players above L30 or maybe L35. Then have levels going up to 4000+ power required. Need some challenges here…

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I thought that’s what these emblems challenges brought?

As there is a level requirement for the last stage for emblems and 4k TP recommended.

I’m really happy for u and your mates who are over 4k TP and want a new challenge, but new players or so won’t be able to participate. Makes it unbalanced or quests for the seasoned. :bulb:

Edit : Shouldn’t this be an idea /request thread ? :thinking:


I understand what you’re saying, but when the Devs upped the trial difficulty by 5% there was a torrent of hurt - discrimination…pay to win…never catch up etc etc.

So they’re never going to please everyone.

I’d suggest that going for 1% in tournaments and the trials being harder could placate the guys and girls with multiple 4k teams.

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Going to agree with @Justab0x. It’s fantastic that you find the quests easy. Why not just take the easy loot and be happy. I play to have fun, not to be aggravated fighting a battle recommended for teams of 5000TP.
Also as @JonahTheBard said, the difficulty has recently been increased.

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Not sure about the concept of catching up, some people have been playing a long time and I am sitting in an alliance where 3500 power is very weak, many players have 6 teams above this level for wars. There are many of these alliances. Maybe the absence of S3 or a start date is not helping. I suggest having some things aimed at challenging players who have been around a long time could be good. To keep players interested there needs to be a challenge or 2. The biggest issue for most of my alliance is not having the correct ascension mats.
Actually when is S3 going to happen…

I agree there needs to be more content overall. The dev team has spent too much time with the graB For VIP AKA new buildings that the current content dies not dictate a true need for. Granted 13-14* could dictate some need for the hunters lodge which with the current requirements dictates the other buildings. But still lots of other places to give us more content. Season 3 could have been done by now. It doesn’t require to a if new graphics or new heroes even. Hect the new outfits or whatever they have in planning could have been tied into season 3. Season 3 could be as simple as the dark lord returns… Take s1 apply the same algorithm or whatever they used to make S2 easy levels into hard levels… make s1 hard levels be season 3. Boom! New content to keep people more interested without throwing the game out of balance. Then with this new season … it could be made difficult enough to dictate these new items form hunters lodge. Then to help give new players help to catch up with seasoned players offer new specials only for new accounts. Like 25 emblems and a reset token for $2.99 . Offer everyone some new thing that speeds up buildings by 25% and is only available by paying monthly for it. Which adds a revenue stream, addresses the current issues if how long the new buildings take, and gives new players a way to catch-up a little bit especially if new accounts are offered this speedup item at a discount for the first month or 2

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I think you meant Shield and Mysterious Tonic :slight_smile:

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Yes, rare quests like Shrikewood, Farholme etc are no challenge anymore once you have a good roster of 4/5* heroes. However, the loot is great, so I wouldn’t touch these type of quests.

However, I think that there are quite a lot quests that are both super-easy and almost useless for seasoned players. Quests like find iron/food etc are maybe attractive for people who have been playing this games a few weeks, then they become obsolete.

Therefore, I think the best would be to introduce a mechanism through which quests remain both challenging and rewarding in all stages of the game. Examples:

  • With the introduction of the new buildings and battle items, very advanced players suddely have a shortage of iron and/or food again. The resource quests currently available don’t even compensate the cost of one item. If those players could have a quest where a 6-digit number of resources can be obtained, they would become relevant again
  • Early players benefit much more from summons or EHT. They don’t have all 3* heroes and usually none or very few 4*/5* heroes, so that there is a good chance to summon a useful hero. Advanced players, however, have all regular 3*,most or all trainable 4* and several 5* heroes. The vast majority of summons gives only yet another feeder hero. The 10 and 18 gems of Find gems I and II don’t add much to tbe gem income. A Find gems III or even IV would be appreciated and could be made challenging even for TP4k+ players
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I don’t want to sound disrespectful, but I disagree at all with that ridiculous Idea of yours, of setting a minimum TP of 4k to play a quest. If you want harder challenges, which will be only playable with minimum 4 5* heroes, that means a player can bring his/her full arsenal. (then…where is the difficulty here?)

Instead, It would be interesting to see, for example, on raid tournaments, a boundary on the TP you can bring (for example, the requirements could be 5*, no reds allowed, and TP can’t exceed 3300. that would force all players to mix 4* and 5* heroes in their defence teams) just a random idea, but the idea of new challenges is to do it playable for both old and new players.

And just one more comment. Almost everything in this game is doable with 4*, including the class quests (which aren’t exactly easy). I hope you won’t take it in a wrong way, but the idea of setting a minimum required TP as high as 4K won’t attract new players when they realize how much effort must be given to train 5* heroes to be able to participate in such hypothetical quests.

Yes I find that sad. Too much complaining about how sand empire has been. “DoT is too high” “healing reduction should be dispellable” “Bosses have too much life”. So it’s true, it’s impossible to have 100% of people happy with each small detail.

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I lost in level 16 as I took my feeder team. It’s easy to make the quest a challenge. Take some different heroes or limit yourself to rainbow only. Etc.

It as an accident so I was pissed that I wasted 16 we.

Maybe you could request SG to enable that a player can set a “ harder” difficulty mode on some of the quests if they so desire. That way it could be an option… that might satisfy everyone.

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I like the idea for harder quests. I’d suggest a battle item request with battle items from the Hunters Lodge, also time stops and tornados are welcome :grin:
Difficulty levels are 3800, 4000 and 4200

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