Hard to tell how much Grazul heals with her animation

Can we get all health and dmg to be on top of any animation and static item on screen?

I’ve noticed the health/dmg numbers go behind the static items in the upper left corner too.

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Or maybe delay it some (although I don’t think that will be liked).

It’s deliberate because the heal seems around 180 health lol.

@KLinMayhem love your red team.

Haha thanks. Went 11 for 11 just now using that team.

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Don’t tell me you didn’t spend again :sweat_smile:

Just a couple bucks lol

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I didn’t get a dupe GM so I’ll have to go with
Falcon, Zim, Mitsuko, Grazul GM

LMK if you notice a little faster charge for Falcon and Zim with Grazul’s mana boost.

That depends on your troops. For Falcon you need mana level 11 instead of 23 to charge with 9 tiles. Since you need 6 tiles to charge the new guy with mana lvl11 i‘m not sure if the mana boost for the next 3 tiles is enough to charge Falcon

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