Hard Mode Atlantis - No Coins Received

Hello all.

I have done S2 Province 1-3 on Hard mode and received the coins fine.
I just did S2 6:1 on hard mode and it finished and took me to rewards but there was NO coin in the rewards. I thought “damn, I accidentally did normal” so did not take a screenshot. But it says 35/80 coins and shows as hard mode is complete for that stage. In my recent activity, it doesn’t show any coins earned either.

My inventory total coins WAS 362 and it’s still 362.

I have no proof to show support, so what do I do? Are they able to see that I HAD 362 coins > completed and it didn’t count?

Thanks in advance

I’d suggest contacting Support so they can check their logs.

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Check your activity log, atlantis coins shows over there just double check that u didnt receive anything

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I did check and all that was there was some kind of roots (not sure the name).
I will opena support ticket as suggested and hope they can see

Did you by any chance already complete that level way earlier? You only get coins for your first completion. :slight_smile:

On easy i did but not hard. I had only done 1-3 on Hard and decided not to do 4, 5 because they had no “weaker” enemies that I could easily kill with my setup (3 purple and 2 blues).

And it definitely shows that I completed it on Hard.

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