Hard decisions after atlantis pulls.... Tarlak or Gregorion? Khiona or sartana? O.o

Hi guys…I just pulled Khiona and Tarlak in a 10x pull .
Considering that I am focused on events and titans, I have to do two choices…
Gregorion or Tarlak?
Khiona or Sartana?

I need 1 tonic and 2 shields for a 5* green and 2 tabbards for the purple…help me please! )

I have the same I go with Tarlak and Khiona

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I’d say Tarlak and Sartana

sartana is better for titans?

tarlak khiona
i use both of them in combo with wilbur for titans

I have both gregorion and tarlak almost maxed…tarlak is better

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What other 5* do you have leveled up?

no 5* heroes leveled up ç_ç

I love Tarlak but think he is a very specialized hero. As my fourth green 5*,he will be very welcome. I think an all-rounder like Gregorion May serve you better as a first green 5*.

Khiona is a good all-rounder, maybe better than Sartana given the great boost to tile damage, which really matters in titans.