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It has been a while since I have posted here. The uber tank healers have alluded me. I dont have Guin, Kunchen, Heim, or Tell. Even with ~120 pulls this month. I’m not here to complain (well that isnt my main goal). I have five lineups for raid defense. Which one scares you the most?

(not the order of the party)
1: Rata, GM, Vela, Neith, Ursula
2: Aeron, GM, Vela, Neith, Ursula (2 purple no green)
3: Delilah, GM, Vela, Evelyn/Lianna, Ursula
4: Alberich, GM, Frida/Alasie, Neith, Ursula
5: Alberich, GM, Frida/Rumple, Drake, Seshat

I would think 3, with maybe a thought to put alby in as your green

Staring down alby/lianna-gm-ursula-vela-delilah/neith would not be fun

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Only issue with that is I would have all of my emblems on Vela. There are none left for Alby.

Fair point. I’m behind on the emblem game, so I rarely think about them.

You should use Ursena as tank.

Might wanna trythis:
Lianna, GM, Ursena, neith, alasie (neith and alasie for mana control)

Or maybe

Lianna GM Ursena delilah vela.

Drake might be a good option too but I like to have at least 1 healer in my defense.

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Nice to hear from you again, @Harbour

To answer your question as you asked it, in terms of fear, I don’t like Alberich (or I would, if I had him). So I think he should be part of your lineup. Ursena is a beast, so include her, as well.

Thus, I will essentially agree with @0zombiestomper and say Alberich - Gravemaker - Ursena - Neith - Vela.


4 but not with Frida tank, Alberich is really strong

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Lianna, Vela, Ursena, Gravemaker, Drake

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I could have the following (in order):
Alberich, GM, Ursula, Neith, Alasie

Definitely that one.

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