Happy with season 2

24 provinces equals 19 summons. Still good


Yes it’s also gonna take 8 months and 4800 world energy at this rate to finish

Ofcourse it’s better than nothing but they couldn’t make it easy

I have to agree with everyone and say that Season 1 3* heros should not be there. You are paying 50 more gems for something you can get in the daily summons. Keep the season 1 4’s.


I don’t mind the season 1 heroes being in the Atlantis summon. I just feed the ones I don’t want for fast xp. And I got some good season 1 4* heroes that I didn’t have before. I’m fine with it. I have the ghost girl on her third ascension at level 41 because of all the feeder heroes. I’m out of food though.

thank you very much for the info! :hugs:
I just shared it with my alliance.

I myself find season2 quite amusing.
Thank you, devs!

Pottering around comfortably in stage 2 on “easy” at the moment.
(I have never been an early adopter. More of a late follower :wink:, so I personally am quite content taking it slowly)

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I am happy with season 2. I enjoy playing the game and having a new monsters. The graphics are great. I don’t pay much for mega pulls. I spend some money here and there, therefore l don’t get hot and bothered when l don’t get 5 or4 heroes, consider it a price of entertainment.
You can’t please everyone all the time, but you can please most people some of the time :rofl:

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Maybe not for XP, but the ingredients on the last unlocked stage, hard mode, are amazing.

Much later edit: wrong I was. Both rewards and difficulty are lower compared to Beta.

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In addition to his post being inappropriate… this gentlesir’s name also skirts the limits of appropriate.


I’m glad you’re happy with season 2. Honestly this game is entertainment, and the goal is for people to enjoy their entertainment.

That said, saying “y’all complain too much” is just your OPINION. You’re free to state it.

But keep in mind, we have our OPINIONS as well, which we are also free to state.

Carry on

I’ve been very happy about the farmable mats in Season 2. That was one of the main things I was hoping for.

I don’t care at all about the XP, but I wish the recruits we’re higher.


If you know it is a business and you are not hhappy with the service, you could always go somewhere else.

Seriously - Thirty-four days? Why Devs???

Lol I got both those 3* and feed them to a Grimm I’m lvling have no use for 3* hero at this point as I’ll never bother with lowest lvl event quest

I wouldn’t even be surprised if they haven’t finished the season

Remove Season1 3* heroes from Atlantis Summon. No one needs them at this point. Their only use is to be fed for XP, which is a waste. I got 3 Priscas from a 30x summon. She is the worst S1 Dark 3*. What am I supposed to do with the 3 of them, level them up and never use them because I have better Dark 3*?

I totally agree. We are paying more for the Atlantis pulls. It’s like, when you pay for epic hero pull, you are guaranteed that you will not be pulling a 1 or 2 * heroes like when you use gems to do a daily summon. I think it’s fair that way. Removing old 3* heroes from Atlantis pulls would at least lessen the frustration of your players. I hope the devs really reconsider this and act on it soon. Thank you.

Grrr…got me a Nashgar from Atlantis. Just my luck.

The item drops scale better than in season 1. The exp and recruits don’t scale up compared to energy used. Backpacks have a higher chance to drop in province 1 season 2.

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I noticed that, too.

To adjust your expectation: my first Atlantis summon gave me Valen haha :smile: