Happy with season 2

Y’all complain too much. You wanted more ascension items? They’re here. You wanted variety of heroes in the meta game? It’s here. Spend some monies in Atlantis summon, pick up some sick new heroes and get those ascension item chests. I pulled 100 Atlantis summons, got all the cool 4* in duplicates, and Hel with several tabbards, some fine gloves etc. This is an exciting and welcome advancement in the game. The ghost girl looks really good for defense especially paired with Wu Kong, maybe kiril or boldtusk as well. The fisherman looks amazing. These are good changes. This game has been pay to play since day one so it’s kind of funny to watch people complain about it constantly. “I spent a whole $40 and didn’t get very much!” Yeah. And? What do you expect?


Totally agree! I am absolutely happy about season 2. The new stages and enemies are fun to play, we get coins for free, have new goals and get the chance for new heroes. Love it!
To the devs-well done!
To the complainers-calm down and give peace a chance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I agree, good job! The only bad thing are old heroes in new Atlantis gate.


To be happy is quite good but to make others happy is much better.

I’m happy because I’m healthy. You should be happy too even with a deadly sickness…
Yes, it’s exaggerated…

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20 characters…

So far I like it.

Since epic hero coins seem to avoid me for the last 2 month I am Looking forward to my first Atlantic summons when I finally get the coins together. :smile:

It would have been perfect if they’d continued the xp curve… 6 flags for 1470? They’re having another laugh at us.


I have members in my alliance who don’t have season 2 available. Three yve updated the game but the tab to switch between each season isn’t there. Does it appear at a certain point in the game? BTW I like season 2 so far, I’m ignoring the whingers as its only those who seem to spend big money who moan so that’s their choice. For myself a casual player and cheap spender it’s enjoyable.

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You have to reach Province 15 of Season 1 (I think) in order to have Season 2 available.



I fully agree here. Xp should be related to the curve from S1.

No one will ever farm these stages at such a low xp for xp.


I’ll share my thoughts on what’s good in Season 2 (so far)

  1. I love that they added new skills for 3* heroes. I managed to get Melia (+ critical chance for all allies) and Gill-ra (a status ailments dispeller). This is so so cool.
  2. The new map is very nice looking, I love how colorful some stages are. The “trash” monsters look cool.
  3. The difficulty IS different for easy and hard stages. I thought that since this is season 2 even the “easy” stages will be hard (as in continuing from S1).
  4. New missions - cool, but add more. They look familiar to other mobile game missions (“defeat X number of XYZ monsters”).

The cost of flags in relation to recruits, experience and ingredients is ridiculous, I thought we would have more options in which to farm, it seems only as a seasonal event, it is incredibly expensive in flags


I think it is kind of unfair not to tell the players that you can’t progress on the map like you could in Season 2. The Provinces in Season 2 get unlocked by time. I just used 300 gems to finish first 3 Provinces fast (since I know these from Beta) and now I have to wait for 34 days for Province 4 to unlock. Very unpleasant surprise.
If I knew that I would not use the gems to refill world energy.


I am happy so far too. Just wanted to say that. I got very good pulls (no 5* but hey…) the fights are challenging buz not frustrating.

Thank you SG team for this awesome S2

Next wish a fire based/themed S3

Seems like everyone only cares about the pulls

I don’t blame them, I frankly don’t care what monsters I kill on what maps

But the fact is, it took over a year and the only thing F2P players have to show for it is an extra way to get summons


I think season 2 is a win. Better loot, different boss behavior, some of the levels have fewer waves (which i, personally, like) and, again, novelty is great after all this time.

The portal needs to not have Season 1 three-stars in it, though… but I already complained about it.

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Sorry you were taken by surprise. They definitely didn’t tell us how many provinces would be available… but they did let us know that it was going to be gated.

The release notes said " * New Provinces for Season 2 unlock monthly. The first Provinces will be unlocked on the 23rd of August , 2018 at 7:00 UTC ."

I also saved up flasks and will use gems to finish rather quickly; but that’s because I want every possible coin while the Atlantis summon gate is available this month.


Its ok. But not particularly different. Not bothering with Atlantis summons. Paying more to get old 3* is stupid.

The dialog consisting entirely of “OMG WE GOT A MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE! MOBILIZE THE ARMY!” is… Well… Peak Small Giant…

The “hard mode” being “monster hit harder and take less damage” is just completely lazy btw"


Season 2 is great so far. More ascension items, better loot, and more characters. The only negative thing so far (and this is huge) is that the Atlantis coin summon is an absolute joke. I played my butt off to get those 100 coins and all I got was Season 1, common 3* Ishtak. They completely lied to us. I’m telling everyone to save their money until they right this wrong. Not one cent. Shame on you devs. Complete deception.


more ascension items? if you pay

better loot? province? debatable

more characters? if you pay

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