Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


I hope you will all have a great day! :slight_smile:



Is that pink flask available in-game? wink. (I wonder what it does?) :grin:

Happy Valentines Day!!


My other half has left me because of my addiction to the game sooo…


Say it ain’t so! :disappointed:

Are you pulling my lariat? :wink:


I got on my girlfriends good side with some pancakes.


Zelina or Natalya, has anybody seen my babe? happy valentines


Not really, I still have to listen to her moan about it


My condolences, Mantis. I hope you get to enjoy the chocolate at least (she won’t need it)…and go see a movie of your choice. :wink:


Unfortunately it’s not available in the game but it is a love potion. :smiley:


Love potion aaaah .So when does the alchemy lab building go to beta?


Love potion? Can I use it on Caedmon to attract Zeline???


More like Nat! Ya know, opposites attract. :wink:


Happy Valentine’s Day to everybody!