Happy Thanksgiving!

At this year, where due to Covid restrictions in many places around the world, that we should take some time and list what we’re thankful for.

So I’ll kick it off…ahem…

I’m thankful that SG has finally shown it’s true colors as to what matters most to them. Clicking past no less than 3 offers tugging at my wallet just to open my game? So in their spirit I’ve decided to curtail all future spending. No VIP, no PoV pass, no gem deals, etc. Be a scrooge, get scroogie gifts in return says I.

Instead those funds are going into my Lionel layout in the basement for my boys. You’d be amazed at what O scale model trees cost but I should be able to afford a small forest with what I would have spent here. Buildings? Ohh that’s in the 4800-10000 gem deal range.

So my boys are also extending their thanks to SG as well. A fully completed Lionel layout is in their future.

So Happy Thanksgiving SG!


Not sure if this post is ironic or sarcastic…

But Happy Thanksgiving…

I hope the trains dont derail…



It’s been too long, glad to see you back @zephyr1

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Oh its Thanksgiving?
Since we aint having this holiday in our country, i always forgetting about this one.
Happy Thanksgiving for everyone, stay safe guys and have fun.


Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Stay safe!


Is there any thanksgiving free tokens or free legendary heroes from SG for us, petri? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy thanksgiving weekend everyone! :poultry_leg:


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