Happy thanksgiving all


I know it is not about the game but we are all part of this game community. So I would like to say to everyone. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
Hope you all have a great holiday with family and friends.


What is Thanksgiving?


In Italy doesn’t exist Thanks Giving o.o


It is a holiday in America guess not every country does it. I was just saying it to everyone who does. Just being nice to the games.

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It is a holiday were family friends get together.


Happy Thanksgiving to all :slight_smile:

And to any wondering what it is that we are celebrating, hopefully this link will clarify it for you :wink:


And Happy Thanksgiving to you!


Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! :smile:


We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Poland, but local shops and malls have coppied black friday, which i believe is on the following day :smiley:


Yes it is the day crazy people go nuts getting stuff I seen on the local news (Arizona) USA some are calling it black eye Friday!.