Happy Thanksgiving 2021

Good morning or good evening to all.

Just wanted to wish all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving today A very happy one.

And for those who don’t I hope you have a day just as special.

It’s always a great day to get together with family and friends and celebrate Life,Love,and any Happiness we can find.

We live in a very big world with many different cultures and in very tough times.

I personally know many on here Who have had so much personal loss and who are struggling in other ways.

This old Pirate just wanted to take a minute this morning and send out well wishes to each and everyone of you.

I hope that all of you find quiet in the midst of your storms today.

Personally I will just find as much as I can to be thankful for, because I have learned that it is very difficult to feel sad when I realize that I have so much to be thankful for.

And if the day is not what you hoped for today remember that somewhere right now someone here at least wishes you all the best.

Enjoy the day my friends and live life to its fullest.

Feel free to share anything you are thankful for today with the rest of us.

Yarr !!!


I am thankful for people like you here in the forum!

And for some rum and another party opportunity. :wink:


Happy thanksgiving to you and all who celebrate it across the pond and around the world.

For me I’m thankful that Christmas is around the corner, last year due to lockdown I couldn’t celebrate and enjoy the chance to catch up with friends and family.

This year I’m looking forward to seeing loved ones and enjoying some rest.


Happy thanksgiving to everybody who is celebrating it !


I am just an old pirate who is excited and appreciates @Pike’s post.

I am thinking of so many old friends. @Saphirra


I still feel your passion so you are still with me old friend.

I am thankful for all of you.
But there is so much more that I am thankful for.



Thanks to all for the adventure and for including me.

I am so thankful for that.

I know I’ve missed a few tags but the ones that I have missed know who they are so it is good.

The best to all of you fine folks.

May gentle breezes and warm sunshine and encompass everything you do.

Yarr. !!!


What a lovely idea, which ties in nicely with @Mistress_of_ShadowsWhen was the last time u publicly thanked someone with sincerity in this forum? It's not to late! Show some 💘 now.

I’m reminded I need to say thank you a lot more often than I do. So, thanks for the reminder @anc1ent1 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.

I’m thankful for so many forum buddies, since the day I accidentally stumbled upon the forum as a complete noob, some days I still feel like a noob with soooo many new initiatives… But I digress.

I’m thankful for the many community threads that are just fun, and being able to communicate with so many players from all over the world, without leaving the safety of NZ.

Blessings to all … Happy Thanksgiving. :heart:


I have always loved your spirit from the first day.

You are a Intrachol part of this forum.

You do so many nice things.

Thank you !!!


Nice to read this thread. No matter where you live it’s always good to be thankful.

Stay thankful my friends.


Gobble Gobble!

20 Turkeys



I’ve been enjoying it since our thanksgiving in October :canada: :rofl: :beers:


What a lovely thread! I was sleeping under the table with the Turkey and woke up to this!

(Who ate all the dessert?) :grin:


Did someone say ‘dessert’!? :crazy_face: