Happy Pull


There’s so much negativity around pulls here that I thought I would share a happy pull story.

I just did a 10x dark pull. Reason? I have two TC13’s and have only had 2 4* out of 73 tries I have seen 2 4* (one a duplicate I had) - so I figured that my chances there were slim at best. I had some gems sitting from the last few event deals so I figured I would go for it - 4* dark is a huge hole in lineup. I have Sartana but really, she was my only dark element that was useful for the normal game and especially titans. I have a few maxed 3* for the events.

3* - Tyrum, Oberon, 2xBalthazar (which I need because his special refuses to level)
4* - Sabina, Rigard, CyprianX2 -> this certainly fills the void though I wish I had a Tiburtus for titans
5* - Quintus (better than nothing, but he will be my last to level), Domitia

Quick question - does Domitia debuff the entire enemy lineup or just the one she attacks? I can’t tell based on reading the description.

Anyways - I have done 3 10x pulls in the 5 or so months I have been playing (this one and also 2 event pulls on the gaurdian event) and all three have yielded something useful - got two jackals, Caedmon & Boldtusk from the event pulls. I’ll probably stick with these in the future, the one and done pulls just frustrate me to no end :slight_smile:


her offensive special is single target for both dmg and effect. Tibs is great for his defensive debuff, but don’t sleep on sabina for titans. 700 attack power and a heal to keep her team alive if no stuns.


I’m actually going to level Sabina first for just the reasons you mentioned. Then it will be Domitia or Cyprian. Probably Domitia.

Thanks for clarifying her special.


thats a pretty ■■■■ good pull. i did a 10pull of dark too a few days ago. i didn’t get any 5* but i got 2 tiburtus along with 2 cyrpians. everything else was food. while i was disappointed that i still have yet to get a 5* at all. i ca’t argue with having 2 tiburtus to train up for titan battles.


5 stars for the most part are not as strong at 3/70 than 4 stars at 4/70. So unless you have all the materials for a final ascension, many times your team will be stronger for the foreseeable future with 4 stars at 70 instead of 5.


i’m working on getting the mats to ascend my 4* past the 3/60 mark. i don’t spend money on the “deals” that have a chance of getting the ascension mats, so i only get them from rare quests and titans. for titans, currently we kill 5*s only about half the time. more often than not i’m in the top 3 attackers, but that still limits my chances for ascension loot.


The odd thing was I got 2 4* and the 2 5* in the first 4 pulls…so anything after the 4th pull was gravy.