Happy players play for free

This I find fascinating, because when people pay for a game, it really is their own choice. Nobody is forcing them to do so. - At least, I hope not or it would be a really bad situation! - So how can people overpay? It only means that they have no control on their own actions.

Reading it back the next day, I agree with that. It was a bit too much.

es, luckily there are many. These people just seem to more quiet than people who like to complain. But that’s also the same everywhere.

I never meant it as an complaint.

I wanted to speak out and share my amazement about players spending hundreds of Euro on virtual goods. Amounts of cash that I cannot even imagine to spend in a year.

I shared this feeling and questions because I really want to understand them. Why do they spend this much and what are their expectations?

No, because it is not a disagreement. My first post was sincerely meant as a sharing of wondering. And as said earlier: I should not have written that conclusion, it was overdone. I tried to answer my own question and missed.

Is that a fact? Or is it an assumption?

I think that is really a poor observation.
If you were right, I would not have spend 2 months of reading first, before starting this topic.

No need for a swap, thanks!
After 3 months I have 2 fully ascended 4* the 3rd half way and 24 3* of which 20 are fully ascended.
I am satisfied with them so far.

Really? That is very funny. It sounds like people are enjoying bad luck. :slight_smile:
I wonder if they ever go to a casino. Or buy tickets in a lottery. And then if they didn’t win the first prize after 100 tries, if they go and talk to the manager, or other players, start complaining and demanding a win. “Because they overpaid for bad luck.” - I just guess that the manager would laugh out loud and tell them that if they don’t like it, they can just leave the place and get their entertainment somewhere else.

So, the question from the first post, reformulated:
How does paying (too) much for a game and complaining about the (poor) results make someone happy and entertained?


Because as soon as you do it the way you describe, you’re guaranteeing players the ability to buy 5* heroes (and the ascension materials to go with them, if you include them in the system). Right now, F2P and C2P players can compete, secure in the knowledge that they might get lucky and paying players might get unlucky (like it sounds like you have, at times). There’s no way to buy guaranteed progress, at least not without spending a fortune - that’s a real feature of E&P.

I understand that you don’t like it this way and your voice is welcome. I speak in support of the status quo - I love how the game turns on a fulcrum of luck and I do not want that change. The tale of woe you tell is a joy to me - not because of your suffering (I’m sorry about that) but because it shows that you can spend quite a tidy sum of cash and not always gain a great advantage from it.


Please @Ber , don’t start calling names at people. That is just rude and it doesn’t help the conversation.

The main question in this thread is not about how much you have, how strong you are in the game.

The main question is whether paying for the game or playing for free makes a difference in how much players enjoy the game and are entertained by playing.

My impression - hence the title of the thread - is that people who play for free are happier then people who pay for playing. Because I read more complaints from players who have paid a lot.


Everything is better if peoples enjoy the game with low expectations.

:it: chi si accontenta gode
:uk: those who are content enjoys


My immense ego is self-supporting: I don’t need to feed it.

If I took you seriously I’d ask what evidence you have to support your crazy theory. Sadly, I can’t take you seriously.


I’ve played other games where the chance to get a top-tier drop increased slightly for each low-tier drop, then reset after each top-tier drop. In my experience, it made the crappy drops more bearable, because at least each one was making the next one slightly more likely to pay off.


There is a certain logic to that system. I’m happy we don’t have it in E&P, though, because it advantages those who seek lots of drops - in our case, that would be players who summon a lot of heroes.

A big appeal of E&P, for me, is that luck drives so much of the game and you don’t get consolation prizes for being unlucky. If a player’s chance of getting a 5* hero improved with every failed summons, that paradigm would be undermined.

A chorus of voices already claim the game is P2W. It’s not, obviously, if you can pay a whole pile of money and get nothing for it. But if your spending guaranteed you 5* heroes and ascension materials? At that point it would be hard to see any way for F2P and C2P to stay competitive.


the game is pay 2 win like it or not, do you want to see how many 5 star i got in my bag because i paid for them ? the only thing this game have is it cost way more than other games but to say its not pay 2 win thats a joke it self sorry to say.

just to clear things out for you i complain for the people who is poor and cant pay for a game or they just dont want 2 and see the people who pay advance in the game while they need years to get rainbow 5 sta maxed which also need alot of luck to reach.

for me i got every hero i want and bought every AM for those heroes, im already 4100 power in less than 4 month and on my way to make my troops all 30 soon, so yeah the game is not pay 2 win at all !!


The game is not pay to win. While I’d be delighted to see how many 5* heroes you have paid for, I note that you didn’t come here to boast about them - you came to complain that you spent a substantial sum and did not receive the hero you wanted. That’s good for all the players who “can’t pay” or “just don’t want to” - you’re paying for the game for them, and you’re not gaining an insurmountable advantage. This is exactly how we can tell it is not pay to win.

Here’s another way we can tell. I have spent £2.99, I have 22 5* heroes, and I have been ranked #1 three times. I have never purchased gems for the purpose of summoning a hero. I’ve never needed to.

So I don’t think you need to worry about players who “can’t” or “just don’t want” to pay. We can compete very nicely with many of the medium level spenders, because luck is such a huge factor in the game. And if there are players who are willing to spend hundreds or thousands of euros, dollars or pounds on the game, thus overcoming long odds to buy their way to success, then the best of luck to them! Their profligacy pays for E&P and they get nothing but respect from me.

But I’m not going to support making it cheaper for them. Let them pay.


What is the point of this thread, what are you arguing?

Like other people said, you just like hearing yourself talk.

A paying player has the right to complain and there is no such thing as “overpaying” people have different budgets and priorities. If you’re a free to play player be happy and thank the paying ones not try to prove that you’re happier for whatever reason


Thanks for that well-considered and insightful criticism.

Oh wait! I’m sorry - I confused your words with the noise of my dog farting, which was considerably more intelligent. (I suspect it smelled better than you too. So sorry. :kissing_heart:)


Not sure how you can confuse text on the internet with dog farting but everyone is special in their own way

Good day

Same tone, similar stench, less content. Easy mistake to make, I’d say.

(Eat less cheese. Phew!)

and i got that hero you mention at the end after x and y amount of money so yeah pay to win pay to get what you want :slight_smile:

and btw i worry about my friends who cant pay i dont give a … about you i dont even know you lol

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And if it’s not too rude to ask, how much did you pay for it? No, don’t tell us - we already have a ballpark figure, and the mystery is alluring.

If you have to pay a silly amount to get the hero you want from a phone game (and I guess you know it’s a bit silly, hence your complaining) and F2P and C2P players can still beat you to a bloody pulp, then the system is working perfectly.

If you like it, keep playing - you’re welcome here and we need people like you to fund the game. If you don’t like it, there are plenty of other gaming choices available - go with our best wishes.


Awesome beard, dude! It’s just how I pictured you, too!

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Did you just assume my gender???

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I haven’t assumed your gender at all - are you assigning gender to the use of “dude”?! Dude!!!???

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