Happy players play for free

I have been playing Empires & Puzzles since 3 months and reading threads and discussions in these forums since 2 months. More or less. And what I have read amazes me much.

Of all subjects that I have read about here, the one that fascinates me most is the various ways of complaints that can be brought up. Complaints about getting 4* and 5* heroes. Or better said: not getting them.

People in this forum tend to believe that if they pay for virtual diamonds in the game, they will have more chance to get a 4* or 5* hero. And the more they pay, the more rights to earn a high valued hero.

I think it is ridiculous. Logarithms that control the game are not influenced by the amount of money spend by a player. I really don’t believe that. The only thing you, paying players, are buying is is some extra gamble, an extra chance to receive a high valued hero. You can compare it to buying tickets for the local lottery. Buying a lot of tickets doesn’t give you the right and neither the guarantee, for the first and best price. It only buys you an extra chance.

And likewise… buying virtual diamonds in the game doesn’t buy you happiness and luck.

I read posts here in this forums from people who spend 500 to 1000 dollar or euro in a day. Only in this game. I tell you: this is the amount of money I have to live for a month… paying all expenses and food. And what are you buying? A win? A drawn figure on a virtual card that we call a hero? Happiness?

I am not going to judge that. That’s all each to their own.

All that I am saying is: don’t let them fool you.

Logarithms are not made by Euro’s and Dollars. I never pay a single cent or dime on any game. I just collect the virtual diamonds that I get as a reward for any achievement in the game. And when I have saved them up, I spend. And my chances - based on level, TC’s level and all that, are as big or small as they are for any paying players. They just don’t happen as often.

Just here comes patience around the corner… And the trick of just being satisfied with what you did get, not what you could have got if… There’s just two options. Play and enjoy, or play, don’t enjoy and complain and whine about it. I prefer the first option, just because I play the game to entertain myself.

Conclusion: I will continue to play the game and only visit the forum when I need some info on updates and all that and skip the rest. I will skip the whining topics from now on.



im confused here, so you basically calling who is paying for this game that you cant play for free without their money stupid ? cuz thats what i get from you saying i dont understand how ppl pay 100s on a virtual gems to get virtual heroes.

do you really think any company in the world would give you services for free ?

the people who pay money have the right to complain as they are the customers of this company and for you as a free player what you got to complain about im sorry ? if you get a hero for free that will make your day or month, when you dont get a hero … well eh you didnt pay for it so what to complain about ?

dont take me wrong here im not judging you for not paying as you judging people who do pay but you are mad about the people who pay real money on a VIRTUAL hero not a CASINO and you dont want them to complain ?

so what you saying here you want them to pay and shut up so you can play ? or you want them to not pay and get this game closed ?


I like confusion!
Thank you, sir @Fantastic! for your questions and remarks.

I am not mad at anyone.
I am not judging anyone.
Such is not my place.

I am just amazed that people in these forums are mad about the results that they get from their payments. As if payments have ever in this game forecasted better results. Such is not the case. No one ever has said or promised that paying would lead to better results in the game. (Better heroes, more heroes of better value et cetera.) So, I wonder why anyone has ever expected such at all.

Playing a game is like… errrhh… laying back in the sun watching people go by… it is ENTERTAINMENT! Nothing else, just that. And if not this game, than another one.

People who pay have all rights to complain if they like to do so. My wondering is: why? Does it bring any good to them? Does it give satisfaction? Does it give… fulfillment? Does it give… anything at all? If yes: please go on. If no: why continue?

And then… nothing at all commits me to read all that whining and complaining. It is sobering the entertainment and it is great to skip that anyway.

My conclusion is not a statement, but a question asked in wondering and amazement:

Why do people pay for this game? What expectations do they have by paying for it? And what do they think to achieve by posting, complaining, or whining about it in these forums?


Two observations.

First, the tone of your original post was pretty judgy.

Second, it’s not just whales (or even paying players) who complain about RNG.


It was never meant as such.

Interesting. I wonder why…


Comment once you want to ascend 4* and 5* heros. Then you might want to start complaining. Just saying


Been there, done that.

When ever I will feel like to start complaining, I will quit the game, because of lack of entertainment.


Happy players play for free… I have a better one for you @buitenbeentjes: ignorance is a bliss.


What I do find funny is when people pay for a 10 pull and don’t get a 5 star, as if its a given everytime you do so you will. I chuckle at that.


no one said it should :smiley: but i seen people asking for a bad luck counter that count how many times you get a bad luck and after lets say 100 pulls with 3 star it should give you 1 5 star at least, thats how its done in most RNG games and i dont see why its not here other than greed to get more money


There is a difference between paying for a game and overpaying for a game. This game is an example of the latter. You can definitely play this game at pretty high level without spending any money at all, but if you covet a specific HOTM or event hero, you can expect to pay a decent amount unless you are very lucky. Micro transactions are a terrible game model for a consumer and a great one for a developer. Many games are going that direction, and I doubt it will change unless there is some kind of regulation.


I have a feeling you and I could chat about this and probably humanity in general for hours in real life. I don’t get it either. I can on theorize. Why play a game that seems to make some so irritated. It’s just different personality types I guess. And like you I find it endlessly fascinating.

I do enjoy forums like this though. Lots of interesting and passionate players. There are some very creative folks too. Then there are those that complain about RNG acting pretty much just as it should. Or seem to want every top hero and the means to fully ascend them without taking a moment to realize that their perceived value only mostly exists because of their difficulty in attaining and ascending in the first place. And just like so many other areas of life when things don’t go as some think they should they concoct a conspiracy theory (sometimes though conspiracy theories are true!) of sorts.

At the end of the day none of this matters really. I think though, deep down, I just have this desire that others could find the pleasure and joy in games like this but not have this frustration and even anger that some show on this board from time to time. Life is too short for negative emotions about a match 3 RNG app. I am not ready to abandon the “whining” topics as you put it, not just yet. I still feel there is some sort of insight to be gleaned from them, :wink: The more I can learn from people whose mind works a little differently than my own, it seems the more I learn about myself.


I have a feeling your one of those people that just likes to hear himself talk. Just saying, just a personal observation.


Buitenbeentjes, Lol, I love that post man. Well right up until the end. That “conclusion” sounds rather unnecessarily condescending, but I was with you right up til then. You are Far from the only one that feels that way. Yes there are and always will be alot of whiners on here but those same type people are everywhere in life, really. There are also alot of really cool, intelligent, realistic people on here with a much more positive outlook on life and I take them where I can find them. Just sayin.


By your own logic buitenbeentjes, just to play Devil’s advocate, what is the point of YOU posting a complaint (and you can try to backtrack all you like, too late now buddy, that’s what it was by saying you won’t come on here and read these whining complaints)? Although I DO very much agree with you on the point of people are Causing their own negative emotions by having unrealistic expectations, are you not doing the same to yourself by perpetuating this disagreement? Lmao! You may be a step ahead of some on the whole “not allowing things beyond your control to get you down” thing, but you fall just a bit short in putting into practice. Have a wonderful day, and keep workin on it man, you’ll get there!!


Couldn’t (probably) have said it better myself, Ackbarbait. Lol

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They are happier because they have better heroes, incredibly, than those who pay, because SG looks at the history of spending on invocations. I would like to have the heroes of the forum free. What sends noses is that you have the audacity to get into a restaurant, eat free better than the one who pays and insult and complain that he complains about not eating the one who pays the food to you.

Well after 6 months I have 5 fully ascended 4* and one at 3/60. Plus 20 or so fully ascended 3*.

Do you really want to swap ? :slight_smile:

What a lot of silly nonsense.


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