Happy persian new year to game!

And happy to persian players and all people who act and treat with respect.
Be fair :heart::heart:


As european and fully openminded person, I also wish a very happy new year to everyone who celebrates it!

My only connection to persia was one time I ate food near frankfurt trainstation and it was very awul and I even found a screw (yeah thats right) in my meal!

The service employer didnt even apologize and just got me a new plate of this awful tasting meal :laughing:

Anyways, I am sure there is great culture and very good and tasty food in persia, maybe I will try another restaurant next time.

All the best for you for the coming year!


As an American, I was not aware that there was a Persian New Year, but now I am. Happy Persian New Year! :slightly_smiling_face:


As a Canadian I was also unaware of Nowruz. Happy New Year!

I have eaten and enjoyed Persian cuisine, although possibly Canadianized? I especially liked Kabab Barg. Mmmm Lamb! Now I’m hungry!

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I’ve only eaten lamb once, at a Greek restaurant. Lamb and rice stuffed grape leaves.

I won’t lie, it was delicious.

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You wasnt eating tuna was you :smirk:

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Don’t you hate when you spend money on a meal and get screwed? #dadjokes


Enni’s avatar in your answer is oh so appropriate :crazy_face: