Happy New Year 2019 to everyone! πŸŽ†

On behalf of the whole Small Giant team, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year and best of luck for the battles ahead in 2018! :fireworks: :sparkler:

Thank you, each and everyone, for being part of our community during the very first year of Empires & Puzzles. It’s been wonderful to see so many of you actively contributing here and elsewhere, helping fellow players out and providing your valuable feedback.

We have lots of cool features and improvements in development, including Alliance Wars and Season 2 (check the sneak peek here) - which we are thrilled to introduce during the next year! Stay tuned and see you around! :crossed_swords:


Happy New Year to you all and all the players of the game! May your New Year’s be great and SAFE!!!:sunglasses::grinning::tada:


Thanks for bringing us a great game and lots of entertainment. Met a lot of great people via the game, And me and my alliance really appreciates the work you have put into this. Looking forward to another year with you :slight_smile:


Happy new year.

Hope that there will be at least new type of (combo) skills so the puzzle element in the game won’t be boring anymore. A lot of people in my alliance are leaving the game, because the game gets boring after 1 or 2 months and good heroes are wat to hard to get (even if you pay loads of money for diamonds)

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Happy new year to everyone! And may the RNG high star hero/troop pull be with you all in 2018! :grin:


Thank you small giant for the new years flasks! Rock on in 2018!




wishes for the new year to all the staff empire thanks

all over the sum of successful summons and abundant drop :fireworks: :sparkler: :gift: in new year


In case I don’t get a chance I just wanted to wish everybody a very happy and prosperous new year. May your pull’s be lucky,your chest be full,your heroes be fast and strong,your strategies be stellar,and your tiles be terrific. But most of all if none of the above happens remember to be happy and have some fun. Without that this would all be for nothing. Live long,Love deeply,Laugh loud, and may all of you and your loved ones both family and friends have a GREAT NEW YEAR😎


The same to you and your family. Happy New Year.


Sometimes we just forget to do these simple, beautiful and POWERFUL things.

Best wishes to all, and have a great year!


Happy New Years to you and yours as well! We needed a positive post! Best wishes to all of the E&P community this New Years! :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Y Thanks for the kind reply’s and I hope all the hard-working moderators and game specialists, and regular contributers @Kerridoc @Rook @JonahTheBard @Jedon @RandaPandah, and so many more realize that there are people on this forum that appreciate everything you do to make it a more positive experience.The balance of opinions and the fact that most of them are accepted unless they are hurtful and severely off-topic takes a lot of work For all the Men and Women Who invest their time to make this one of the best forums I have ever been associated with. Whatever the future may hold The past will always be remembered as a positive experience for those who have loved this game. Thanks again and best wishes to all !


Be nice and get fun… Happy 2019!!!


Its a great way to start a new day, Writing to you in while I prepear my self to go to work.
Now going with a smile on my face.
Thanks @anc1ent1 for the well said kindful thread and the nice post. And thanks for being part of most active players with sense of humor and thoughtful minds.
Have a great new year and wish you great day mate.


Happy New Year to all as well.

May the new year bring health and wealth as well as all those shiny heroes on your wish list. :joy:


Happy New Year all!!!

May the HOTM be with you!!!

May the gacha be ever in your favour


Happy New Year to all! Especially those who spend time putting positive things into the Forum!!! You teach me a lot, make me smile and belly laugh, and make the world a better place a ripple at a time! As we all learn patience together, may you learn all the deep lessons this game has to teach!


Is the β€œgotcha” ever in your favor? Isn’t that against the true nature of the β€œgotcha?”

The β€œgotcha” bats an eye and moves I a smooth seductive way. You watch the β€œgotcha” as if it’s calling you hither. And as you are enticed by the β€œgotcha…”

Happy New Years!


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