Happy Holidays to each and everyone!

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Happy holidays everyone and thank you for being part of our community! :santa:

Best of luck for the battles in 2018! :fireworks: We’ll share a super early sneak peek of the upcoming Season 2 - check out the announcement section!

We hope you have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. :christmas_tree:

Warm wishes,

Petri, Aino (RubiKinga) & the Small Giant team


Thanks and wish you and all the team and their families best of luck.

Take this opportunity for a quick question.
There are some difference in season 2 if you have finish season 1?
I mean, you get some prices if you have finished before or after the release?

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And thank you for a most enjoyable holiday season, and for making this extraordinary community possible.

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Happy holiday’s to you as well and thanks for all you do

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Merry Christmas SG! Enjoy your time with your families and we look forward to new changes and additions to the game in the coming year! :grin:

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And thank you too rook happy holidays.


Happy holidays to you and yours Petri!!!I think I speak for all when I say you do an excellent job!


And right back at you! Good luck in developing the game further, I hope the new year brings new improvements and new players.

The players though, oh the players need more things:

A Telescope to see the loot ahead
A Poison Dart to strike your enemies dead
A Royal Tabard to look really swell
And a green Potion if you’re feeling unwell
A Mystic Ring to bring sexy back
A Sturdy Shield to withstand an attack
Trap Tools in bulk so no-one escapes
And for the winter a lovely Warm Cape
A Sturdy Shield, one more, just because
A Hidden Blade to block titan’s jaws
A Purple Blob, I mean Orb of Magic
And RNG that’s… better than tragic [let’s be realistic in the wishes, aye? :rofl:]

[sorry for reusing the owl, I’m cheap like that but also away from home so my options are limited :scream:]


Thank you! Christmas is proof that this world can become a better place if we have lots of people like you all, who fill it with happiness and hope! Merry Christmas, Happy holidays, and I wish you all a very blessed new year!

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