Happy day! I got Margaret!

Said nobody never :)) C2p player! Ok its my first topic and english is not my native language so please have some tolerance…

Ok so I have Margaret and it is going to be a personal opinion. I have read some topics about her and understand that she can be a useable heroe for 5-10% of the players who can max her and stack her for raids or use her for titans. Even though her animation blocks the screen and she hardly avoids any hits… Doesnt HOTM suppose to mean something everyone desires? Why did I get my Melendor and (even) Elkanen to the max before giving Margaret even one feeder…? Is she a deadly weapon on the raid offence…? I have Inari maxed and I love her! She has an average mana speed and I still love her :)) I know the %, she even doges the dispelling! Her minion foxes are cute and vicious at the same time :))

So ideas and suggestions… I dont know if anyone suggested making her fast instead of very fast and make her buff affect all of the team… even that would make her little bit worse than Inari, but much much better than she is now… What if we add one more buff… Immune to status alignments for thous 3 turns! Doesnt that make her a perfect doger?? That would make her a true HOTM which I would use! And other players that dont have Inari, but have Margaret, can enjoy that glorious feeling of avoiding a deadly Lianna’s arrow :))

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