Happy chinese New Year 2021 Offer

When I first saw the offer I thought maybe they’re a bit late with the Happy New Year. Now I see it says Happy Chinese new year… :man_facepalming::joy::joy::joy:


Makes sense, especially because the offers contain Challenge Coins.

Same here in Mexico. minimum wage is 2928MXN (since January) per month and offer is 2499MXN(125USD). Before last September price was 1899MXN. Thanks Apple and SG!

Oh, Google is not a saint either. The prices are sometimes way off the initial USD price.

Isn’t the price set by SG? Why google?

No, the price is set by SG but converted by Google in different currencies.

And even the price, I’m not sure you can name your own price. I see most of the games having similar pricing tiers. I don’t think it’s such great freedom on the Googlesphere. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the clarification and the prompt answer


Yes but in this case Apple increases price first in last September in Mexico (1899 → 2499) then it happens in another countries in November I guess. Then people complain and SG adjusted prices on Android. There’s a post about it.

On holidays, especially such as the New Year, it is customary to give gifts, not sell!

It seems to me that we should better think over the holiday promotions. They should be a pleasant surprise for the players, not a regular expensive sale

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I was thinking about weird old offers after you posted that, and remembered this one for Dog Appreciation Day from August 2018, so I went back and found my screenshot of it.

No free tier, but at least the lower-priced one was a pretty easy choice to justify using gems on, even when I was F2P.


I usually only spend money on specials. Especially when there is a guaranteed 4* ascension material. I bought this offer. I needed that tonic. Those have been the hardest to come by for me

The most annoying thing is it’s one popup of about 4 that happens everytime I open the app. They should know by now I’m NOT BUYING!! Stop harassing me with the popup!

It’s all Zynga/SGG. They just made prices like in USA/Europe (with current rate) + VAT in your country.

I set a budget roughly between $30-35 per month.

VIP: $5
PoV: $5 ($10 per two months)
Atlantis Day 1: $8 ($2 x 4)
Valhalla Day 1 or Day 3: $8 or $12 ($2 or $3 x 4)

I consider these some of the best value deals in the game which will then add up to a budget around $26-$30 per month.

On an ad hoc basis, I may also buy offers including:
4 EHT + 1 ETT: $5 (offered during seasonal event)
30 day VIP + 400 gems: $5 (3-4 times per year)
Gold chest in balloon: $2 for 3 EHTs or equivalent or a 4* ascension material

I tend to ignore all other offers in the game. If you choose to be C2P, VC2P or F2P, it is important that you remain disciplined and stick to your budget, or otherwise it is just a matter of time before you overspend and most likely end up with disappointment in summon results, especially knowing how low the chances are to get the specific hero that you are looking for.


I was thinking the same thing. The $99.99 offer would have several rare ascensions and loads of things. SG reduce those rare to average ascensions. From rings to hidden blades :frowning: I’ll pass

Even during the pandemic

Everyone who spends should assess value before clicking buy. Value is of course subjective but there’s methodology you can apply to ascertain actual in game value.

I don’t keep this data myself but I know people who do so if I ever have an offer that’s tempting but not an auto-buy I’ll send it to my mate and ask for his Valuation.

I did this on the last Goblin ballon and I had £9 of items for £5.99. Wasn’t good enough for me to take it so I recycled it.

If you have a monthly budget then you mostly just pass on these anyways. If you are F2P or C2P you just pass on these anyway.

If you are whale and you buy everything anyway then fair play to you.

Either which way no one is forced to buy anything but if you want to them all good. People can spend/not spend as they see fit.

For me, these aren’t good value so I’ll pass. But then I’ve never bought one of the £99.99 offers so they are always easy passes for me. The 19.99 offer doesn’t offer anything I want or need on top of the gems so it’s a poor deal for me. If it’s good for you then enjoy!

Hello, the post is not about whether it is a Chinese, Czech or other New Year.
Just the opinion that the game wants so much money. !!
I personally buy only Path of valor, or V.I.P.
If it incites someone to racism, they are stupid and you can delete my post.
my friends have a heart of gold, it doesn’t matter if they speak Vietnamese, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, etc. Thanks

Exactly so I have just ignored.it and :)))))) .

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