Happy chinese New Year 2021 Offer

Good day.
at the time of covid, when people are on sick leave, quarantined or have lost their jobs and are giving money for veils, respirators, disinfection and antigen tests to buy rewards for that money to move on to the game?
I don’t like that :scream:.
The path of valor is ok, but this is ridiculous.
The game is meant to be fun and relaxing


Another one trash offer from SGG for P2W players. But in any case I am absolutely sure - someone will buy those bytes and pixels (24$ and 125$).

13000 р - minimum wage in my city at this moment.


they only think about their pocket and for the players nothing for free should be more aware and give things to the players also not only think about them :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

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Well, if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Simple.
The best offer for 4* mats is still Guinevere’s, because you can choose, get 3000 gems and one titan potion in the same time. This one, of the chinese new year, is not really interesting.


Nobody needs to buy the offer, and my limit for one buy is 5,50€ (vip is 5,49 lol)

So, if you don’t care about money get it, otherwise just ignore it

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I am not interested anymore in this price tier offers so I just ignore it together with the rest. I suggest doing the same.

Imho these offers are totally not worth it. There’s a bunch of random stuff of little value in it bundled with 2000 gems… if you value gems only, you could get 1600 gems for a a third of this price on the last Atlantis, there’s an offer for 1000 gems for a quarter of that price on challenge events etc.

I don’t think this extra tornado or compass are worth paying x times more. Of course, if you have enough money to buy all then you don’t care. But if you are looking for best offers, these are easy skips, totally terrible ones. Nowadays even the epic ascension mats do not convince me to buy those. Getting a hero worth ascending is so rare I don’t mind waiting for ascension mat few weeks more.


SG: Happy New Year! To celebrate, give us money. :money_mouth_face:

Players: :thinking: umm, thanks?

Would it have killed them to toss in a free tier with an EHT/ETT, or some Flasks?


Are you kidding, 1% of players would get a free Horghall - that event would kill the business on Day1


Lol they don’t actually care about Chinese New Year, it’s just another opportunity to be greedy.


Mmhhh, what about all these people claiming that the game is sticked too much on Christ’s holidays and doesn’t respect other cultures / religions as well?

I am afraid no matter how they will organize their offers, there will be always someone who comes around to claim about.

Easiest way if you don’t like the offer, just ignore it…


Yep. And this one is 4 days and 15 hrs so it’s an easy one to ignore since it’s not a very good one.

Someone will buy it I’m sure but for many of us (even those that spend, like me) this is an easy pass.



Currently playing a game ( I T ) with my spouse that is more P2W than Empires ( But 3* Heroes are the back bone of game play, only 18x 4* exist and only 3x 5* exist )

However it is based in Singapore so the F2P Lunar New Year loot is insanely generous. So is the Whale+ [ a tier aimed at 586.76 USD per month] and Whale++ [ a tier aimed at 5,882.35 USD per month ]

But I T lacked a December/ Winter loot extravaganza

While I would love SGG to give everyone all the loot, I think the December offers are SGG version of Lunar New Year just as I T does not have a version of December offers

Too stingy

But I think SGG, as a general rule, is too stingy about old content ( looking at you Tavern of Legends and beta tested Gravemaker skin )

This would be a perfect time to be generous with older content and include some sort of catch up mechanics ( click, clicky )


No one is forcing anyone to buy it and the offer isn’t great not enough higher ascension items

please make this kind of offer more often , as i budget max 30bucks which include epic asc mats…ill pass this chinese new year offer !!! :disappointed: :disappointed:

So true; I remember the good old days (maybe 2-3 years ago…) when almost EVERY offers of this kind had a free tier. But it sound like a fairy tale today… “Once upon a time, in a land far far away, SG used to giveaway 1 EHT every once in a while with free offers…” More chance to come across a pink elephant by crossing the streets now!


Does this offer last waaaay more than usual?

I guess they wanted to have it still running partially through the new event so more people will buy it…

I miss the old days… There was like one offer a month? Lol, I don’t know, maybe more, but waaaaaay less than we have now… It’s crazy now.

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You don’t like the offer, don’t buy it. No one owes you anything, stop looking for handouts.


I hope someone in the staff was as wise as you are.
People tend to forget that moderators are just players and do put their efforts for free …
I wished that SG would pay more attention to your feedback and the feedback from beta testers.


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