Happy Cake Day @Voidstrike 🍰

Happy Forum Anniversary @voidstrike!!

From hilarious wit to insights into mental health, you are a real forum gem.

May your village prosper and your pants be forever absent!


Whenever bleakness stalks the forum
When I’m sticken by the boredom
When I’m angry and annoyed
I summon a hero from the void

This champion shall raise a smile
And always go the extra mile
To mop up all this vile spillage
Then returning pantless to his village


How can I possibly follow The Great Bard in trying to say something witty.

Please just accept my congratulations on your Happy Cake Day!


Happy Cake Day, @voidstrike!! :smiley:

Hopefully, you’ll celebrate many more cake days here.

Cheers!! :beers:


Happy Cake Day, Voidsters!


Happy :cake: day @voidstrike

Always a good excuse for some :champagne:


Congrats and happy, happy forum anniversary day @voidstrike :cake:. My how time has flown. :beers: Cheers snd, bestest wishes for many, many more :tada::partying_face:.

Does this give you a free pass for forum shenanigans, at least for the day? Asking for a friend :wink:


Happy cake day @voidstrike. Always enjoy your idiosyncratic posts


Happy Cake Day @voidstrike,
The Exalted Pantless One;
Without voices such as yours,
This forum would be done.

One need not ears,
Nor nose, nor eyes,
To see that pants alone
Do not make a man wise.

:cake: :beers:


Happy Cake Day, @voidstrike! :cake:


Happy 1 year forum anniversary @voidstrike! I like seeing your comments in the counting thread, and your humor has graced the forum. Thanks for being here


Happy cake day o pantsless wonder!

I will always remember you for your outstanding application of legal verbiage, but done in an altruistic way (to give advice), and your grace in including inputs from others such as myself :smiley:

I still use that ToS often when giving my advice!

thanks for keeping the forums helpful and funny!


This cake day is extra special! Don’t worry, I won’t be flipping any crepes.

Thank you for all of your contributions. You’re a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the game… but more importantly you have an amazing ability to make people smile.

I appreciate you more than you know. Your words on the forum have comforted me in some dark times. I’m happy to get the chance to celebrate this virtual accomplishment with you. :cake::yellow_heart:


Happy cake day @voidstrike. You help make the forum a more enjoyable experience.

Here, now you can have your pants and eat them too.



You know…when I saw @Saphirra try to schedule something for this yesterday…I was thinking:

“Man, Saphirra probably thinks I would start my own Cake day thread because of how I’ve presented myself in the forums…hmm…maybe I should start my own Cake day thread…mmm, tacos…I should probably make an anecdote that the chaos that happened on the forum recently (from Telluria/Vela balancing dialogue to present) coincided with me surfing the forum wearing pants…why am I still up at this time of night, I have work in the morning…”

Thank you all for the Cake day wishes (I’ll see you again in a couple of weeks for birthday wishes).

As part of my appreciation for all the forum Cake day posts, I want to highlight some of the best aspects of everyone sending me their love who I’ve had some form of interaction with on/off the forums. If we haven’t interacted and you were courteous enough to send this forum blowhard well wishes I’ll dig a little and provide commentary based on some of your posts recent posts.

Edit: Prepare to run out of likes


Cake Day Appreciation Posts #1:

@JonahTheBard The bard is just and fair. In all our interactions, I have always thoroughly enjoyed your prose to contextualize the current vibe/direction of threads while maintaining a firm balance of fostering discussion without stifling divergent opinions. I try to make the mods laugh when flagging posts, hope I got you to cqty (chuckle quietly to yourself) on several occasions.

@princess1 We had brief line interaction but typically see each other in various community content threads on the forum. In all my encounters, you are a caring player who cares about her alliance mates and the general well-being of the people who play this game. I appreciate your openness to new perspectives for the greater good of the game even if it is not what you originally envisioned.

@CaptainjaKCsparrow We have not interacted much but from what I have read in some of your post history, you seem to provide earnest feedback and support to players based on your experience. I hope you don’t get jaded with the genuine new players as happens quite often on the forum after enduring mindless vitriol and arguments based around fallacies.

@Mothra Bro, you are one of my favorite “new” regulars. I was legitimately distressed for you during the rougher parts of this year where you expressed your anxiety. Thank you for your transparency about struggles and just good-natured self. We’re often valued far more than we value ourselves so for what it’s worth I’m glad you’re here in a healthy capacity and pray you continue to prioritize your health over anything else.

@Neano One of the counting buddies from Count to 20 version 2 on, you have always picked up those late-night victories while us Stateside folk (and mods) slumbered. You are kind and straightforward. Chit chats while counting are always enjoyable.

@Sarah2 Tbh, the original counting buddy to me from Count to 20 version 3 & 4 (where we retired Zephyr before slowing down ourselves). We have made many a counting run (not record setting, but fun indeed). You are always Sarah from the future for me as you post cake days and birthdays as soon as they appear for you which may still be half a day away for the rest of us.

@PM229 Forum community content gamer, most of our interactions are in one of the multitudes of forum games that exist. It is fun and I enjoy being a team to beat the mods (like Kaffy).

@TGW You are too hard on yourself. I have always thoroughly enjoyed your posts and extended long draws for a comedic punch. Disagreement does not mean there is animosity (I know you know now). Keep being a force for smiles on the forum because we all know this place needs as much positivity as it can get especially during everything going on in the world.

@D_DI Long time F2P stalwart of the forum, I use your positioning guide regularly and appreciate your breadth of knowledge available for all other players F2P or not. Hope my turns at insightful posts seemed helpful and my bouts of comedy provided the levity you may need while browsing the forum.

@Saphirra The young buck. No matter how many times the Bard black/orange/[insert color here] lists you, I’ll be there to pile on and remind everyone how young you are. In all my interactions you have been pure in your concern for other forum goers and sincere in your care for them. Don’t let the world corrupt you because it will try to…and try hard.


No you’re not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Crap. There goes my good day. :roll_eyes:


Having an exterior posterior is one of the key benefits of having no pants


I thought that was what MADE it a good day :roll_eyes: :man_shrugging: :shrimp: (shrimp helps too)


Let me be the first to say, Happy Birthday, @voidstrike!


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