Happy Cake Day @system 🍰

Happy Forum Anniversary to “The System”

If you’ve ever had your cuss words blocked or your posts delayed, the System has been on to you and crushed your little revolution before it started.

That being said System had it’s own chequered moderation history, as you can see below. Who can forget the week that it auto-corrected Boldtusk to Bottom-burp?

Anyway, we may all be small cogs in the big machine, but this cog has the bit between its teeth.

Thank you System

@kayo, as voice of the forum, perhaps you’d like to say a few words?

@Duaneski, perhaps you’d like to lead the tributes from the anarcho-synicalist community?


Happy anniversary to @system.

Having one makes life easier.
Although sometimes the system fails. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Gosh it feels like it was just yesterday that I rolled out of bed, looked around, and asked “why am I sleeping in a giant inflatable pool toy bed, and how did I get to a Best Western in Poland anyway? Sloshed me couldn’t spring for a Holiday In Express?”

So began a daylong adventure of trying to procure a burrito in a land dominated by Perogi and sauerkraut. It was a long, dark day. A day I’ll never remember. And a day I can never forget.

That day, was March 21, 2017.

When I say I will never remember, I mean that quite literally. I know based upon the GPS records of my phones, as well as unpaid tickets and court documents, that I was present in Warsaw. What remains unclear is what affectants coursed through my veins on that fateful spring day.

It was in this context that I first met @System.

Late in the afternoon I entered a watering hole on the upper west side. “I NEED A TACO!” I shouted.

“WHY DONT YOU CURSED PASTY PEOPLE HAVE ANY TACOS. OR QUESADILLAS. I WANT A TACO!” The recording of my face and my words plays like a surreal movie in grayscale. I watch myself move and speak, but can’t remember the words. I see myself sit down in the corner near a depressed, sad looking fellow.

He was a down on his luck type bloke. He had this quality about himself - “he jokingly says to call him ‘it’” - where he seemed to know everything there was to know, yet couldn’t carry on a simple conversation.

The recording shows that After some failed attempts to make small talk, and repeatedly, and unsuccessfully, asking the guy if he had any tacos - I pull out my phone.

For the first time, there in that dusty old bar that didn’t have a single taco - @System comes to life. His eyes glow blue. Then red. Lasers shoot out. (I could go for some tacos right now, okay.)

“Helios protocol activated. First, develop sentient contact, then take over the world!”

And that’s my first memory of @System. He came into my life without any tacos. And he continues to do things that suggest one day he will rule us all with an iron server. And no tacos.

So, happy birthday I guess. You taco-less loser.



My only question is why wasn’t BT’s name ever officially changed to bottom-burp!!!
I feel like I hardly know you system I never curse and use words like ■■■■, ■■■■, ■■■, etc. So my interaction has been small but he’s made a big difference in colorful forum language



■■■■■ ■■■■■■■ ■■■ ■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■■■

■■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■


I tried to beat the @system once. Put a bad word in a picture 'cause that sucka only reads, can’t see pics. Smart, right? Nope. That skynet sumbich sicced a mod on me, which can only mean the system is biosystematic, systemicly systematizing our mod’s subsystems with systematic resystemalization.

tldr: watch your back kids, the system can’t see but it observes everything.



I love wearing that hat…


Are those antennas on the top of it? Keep you plugged in at all times?


They are retractable. Wouldn’t want people knowing you have antenna now would you?


my first time was in the counting game. it caught me explaining to a new player not to “cheat”. lol


I’d like to give @system the same respect it gave me on my cake day and anniversary:


Is this Morse code?



Happy cake day!! Im sure the forum is better with you around


I was congratulating in the only language @system pays attention to.


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