Happy Cake Day @sternman 🍰

Happy two-year forum anniversary @Sternman, I’ve always appreciated your thoughtful input and reasoned arguments around here. Grats on the milestone and cheers to two more :beers:


Happy two year Forumversary :cake:. Thanks for helping to make the forum the informative (well mostly) place it is.

I nearly forgot the cake… :wink:

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Aww, thanks @Disposable and @Sarah2, I really appreciate the kind words and posts.

The yeas are advancing… :older_man: :man_white_haired: :older_woman: :man_in_manual_wheelchair:


WHERE on Earth did the Lobster animation and cake come from?!? LOVE THEM!


Giphy had the gif

Ps, if you make it out west I got a job waiting for you on a crab boat lol. Fair warning: our dungie pots are about 20 times heavier than lobster traps though :wink:

Enjoy your day, bud :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1:

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Happy cake day @Sternman ! anyone that @Disposable and @Sarah2 think so highly of, must be an amazing person indeed!


If you are crabbing like in Alaska on The Deadliest Catch (something like that) you are way out of my league! I met a guy that had his leg mangled, was airlifted off the boat and it sank three days later so hats off to you guys but I’ll stick to something safer like Russian Roulette.


They have me mixed up with someone else but their work is great!!

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