Happy cake day @Shohoku79! 🎂

Happy third cake day @Shohoku79! :partying_face::cake::cake::cake:

May your continuous journey to better heroes be blessed with a nice bunch of shiny, new heroes AND having to buy hero slots (due to many new heroes)! :four_leaf_clover:


Happy Cake Day, @Shohoku79 !!

Thanks for being considerate, knowledgeable and awesome



Happy birthday @Shohoku79! May the RNG Gods bless your FTP journey :slight_smile:


Have a blast woooop :beer::beers::beer::hotdog:


I’d say happy cake day but I know you don’t tolerate dupes, so I guess just “hi” :wink:



Happy cake day @Shohoku79


Happy 3rd Forumversary - that in and of itself is a huge accomplishment. Thank you for your many wise words shared throughout the forum. Cheers :wine_glass: to many more. :cake: :cake: :cake:


Happy :cake::cake::cake::cake: day, @Shohoku79 .


Happy :cake:day @Shohoku79



happy cake day @Shohoku79 and thanks for sharing your experiences and being such a presence on the forums!


Happy cake day @Shohoku79 have fun, stay safe and good luck in your gaming


Thanks y’all for the lovely gesture, and thanks @SamMe for the start. Really appreciate the head nods, and frankly a bit speechless when I was tagged.

@FraVit93 and @sleepyhead , not my birthday, my friends, that’s still a few months away, or was a few months ago, forum anniversary cake day, this is.
3 years on the forum, means I played the game for 2 months more because I found the forum and discovered the community 2 months into the game. Not all game forums are the same, and it’s always the people who visit them that make it so.

Not sure how I earned some of the nice praises I got here, because aside from making sure I log into the forum at least once a day to just punch the time cards (there might have been one or perhaps two I missed here or there) and just rummage through whatever random bits of new information I find interesting, I have been mostly been lurking and really not very outspoken nor really shown any real “knowledge” of the game (there are plenty of players way, way more knowledgeable about the game than I am), and most of the posts I made have been either replying/updating to my own F2P Journey thread, followed by my alliance recruitment thread (I am somewhat flattered by the amount of responses I get because I am not sure how many people would read the posts I made).

As I said to my alliance mates and sometimes here, I play the game for the pretty pictures.

I am not going to win any rewards for having a great F2P roster (far, far, from it) nor that I utilize my resources very well (I don’t raid or war, and if it is not because of the raid tourney, I probably wouldn’t have finished some of the raid-related missions), I do have a good supporting backbone of alliance mates who tolerates me (I think), because without them, I probably would have lost interest the drive to continue a long time ago.

I will say that if there is one thing that I can say for myself that I do pretty well is that I am pretty consistent as I am persistent, and quite stubbornly so.

  • Deciding to F2P and not spend any $ is already going to hold me back, but I don’t care.

  • Not spending gems on vanity items such as avatars and pins

  • Not keeping duplicate 3* and above heroes as some of you already knew

  • Not spending also keeps my new 4* and 5* heroes in check, so that I am also not always hurting for mats., The trickles that come in usually can sustain me because I don’t summon much and summoning luck sucks mean I don’t have too many new Epic / Legendary heroes to come in to fight for the materials.

  • Not spending gems to increase team slots (even for better organization) and more importantly, not spending gems to increase roster space has already earned me the nickname “Roster Masochist” by my alliance mates, this one does get some getting used to, not keeping dupes and not spending does help though.

  • Use what the game gives and not chase any heroes, no matter how attractive they might seem.

  • No hero that I intend to keep (that’s unique 3* and above) gets to sit on the bench 1/1. Every one of them will get worked on, no matter how bad their ratings may be (e.g. Horghall, Obakan, etc.), as long as I have the mats, they will see their day in the sun.

  • I am probably one of the very, very few players who do has played for a while and not have any Valhalla heroes at this point. There is a phrase called “Not for the lack of trying”, but for me it is quite the opposite, it is definitely “For the lack of trying” because I wanted to wait until all Valhalla heroes are released as a different way of how I approached Atlantis. Not that I am exactly rolling in mountains of Valhalla coins or anything, but I have enough coins to do 30+ pulls for the amount I have accumulated at this point. So now that Season 3 is done, why I haven’t I started any pulls? Roster Masochism is at work here. Although I am not guaranteed a new hero every time I drop the Valhalla coins, odds are going to be pretty high I am going to at least come up with some 3* heroes, but that means I will be forced buy roster space. I wanted to wait until I literally have to buy the space or else I can’t get feeder as loots (I am 103/104 now). I will still continue to pull with game resources (Challenge Coins, Costume Keys, Atlantis Coins whenever I get enough of them), but if the next level up gives me more free space, then roster masochism continues. It is harder not to buy roster space than one might think.

  • Having the same favorite hero since starting. For me that has been Isarnia, because you know, she’s the queen. Some of the readers might thought when they read my posts and think who is this dumdum who keeps on harping about season 1 hero, she’s slow and pudgy, and outclassed by so many other heroes. They are not wrong in saying there are better heroes, but I just like Isarnia for her pretty art, what she does on attack, def down. I mean, if she’s such a bad hero, please by all means, when you raid, let her fire off a few times. But she was my most sought after hero since playing this game, was glad I got her out of TC20, she was my first 5* maxed, she was the first on my roster to reach +20 emblems, and for a while was the most powerful hero on my roster, that spot belongs to Vela who is also close to max emblems now. Even so I am still using Isarnia more than I use Vela, I have not 10x pulled on costume yet (didn’t have enough gems in the past), but now that I have enough gems, the next time Isarnia is featured I will try to get her costume, if not for the completion sake, but for the stat boost.

Any way, this is starting to turn into an extension of my F2P Journey post (too late, it seems). I am really humbled, and truly appreciate the kind words and praises you have for me.


Happy cake day!

20 celebrations


Dang, I got tricked by the shape of the cake, I didn’t even read the title properly :crazy_face:


me too lol! happy anniv @Shohoku79


It was a pleasure to create this thread @Shohoku79. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Lurking can be the best the best. Saves energy. :rofl: I think it is nice to have a signature thread, I suppose you could call it.

Isarnia was my first 5*, got her from tc20.

:rofl: This is your third cake day thread. You can go as off topic as you please. :smiling_imp:



I think we all like having you around because having a pleasant, friendly person who is just enjoying their hobby is quite a nice change from high octane nerf rage :wink:

Please don’t change!


Happy Cake day @Shohoku79. :slightly_smiling_face:.


Thanks, @JonahTheBard, I think. Although my seemingly mild, non-outspoken behavior here on the forums can be viewed by some as complacency, I just choose to see this game as what it really is, it’s a game.

I already spend the time, why do I also need to spend something of monetary value or trying to start an argument for/against heroes for something that is ultimately not mine? Digital pixels that I can’t take with me when the phone is put down, there is no use growing attached to the heroes or the statuses reached in this game. As can be seen of how easily one can lose access to a game account if he/she accidentally deletes/unlinks an e-mail, how short of a time that cups can be won and top rank achieved (subsequently followed by how quickly that gets dropped down), or how a hero you have on your roster can quickly be buffed or nerfed (that you might have chased, I don’t have to bring up some of those hero names), so what you paid for is a placeholder for the hero, but not the actual products that you call your own and won’t be have their stats adjusted regardless of whether you agree or not.

That is why I only play this game for the pretty pictures.


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