Happy Birthday 🕵

Happy 1st Birthday The Incognitos :confetti_ball::tada::balloon::champagne:

This is a celebration thread for my home alliance The Incognitos - an international group of great players who on a daily basis smash titans and collaboratively, twice a week meet on the battlefield in alliance wars.

We have had many players stay for a visit, leave to battle top 20 alliances, choose to take a break in resting alliances, and others sadly who have left the game altogether :sweat:. Stay on topic Sarah…

Here’s an opportunity for anecdotes, if you’ve been a part of the Incognitos, faced us in war, or have warm wishes to share. Tagging a few alliance mates…

@Starlynk @ThePirateKing @DBC @WhenWeCollide @humongous_dancer @NeG @rapcoon

NO venting allowed! There are so many other threads open for that


:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: How dare you?!? There is no place more vent worthy than here.

Happy birthday incognitos y’all are good people.


Wow, it’s been a year already!!! :astonished:

But really glad to be part of this wonderful alliance. I joined in Jan of this year. Back then it was still a small alliance of about 12-13 players. For two months I was visiting various alliances trying to discover new places and also my own self. Special shout out to my traveling partner @princess1 for the immense help and support during those times. I visited some wonderful alliances and met some great people. Eventually, it was my turn to visit The Incognitos (TI). I already knew @Sarah2 from the counting threads. So I just hopped in to the alliance for a war ot two (just like I was doing till then). Well, it’s been 9 months and I am still visiting :rofl: So one can understand just how awesome the group is. Such wonderful ladies and gentlemen. Always kind, respectful, fun to chat with and most importantly extremely knowledgeable and skilled in the game. It was instant love.

Eventually, we found many like-minded awesome individuals who joined us in our journey, and we filled up in a few month or two. And about a few months later, to our own surprise, we ended up as a top 100 alliance. Still no idea how. Our goal was always to create a stress-free environment where we will chain 14 star titans and just enjoy wars, and I guess to some extent we achieved that goal. Shout out to each and every past and present members of TI for this amazing experience. You guys and gals all rock. :slight_smile: :heavy_heart_exclamation:

A Small SIde Story

During the time I was about to visit TI, I was also in the waitlist of the amazing alliance The Pirate Horde. I really liked their members. Interestingly, just hours after I joined TI, @zephyr1 messaged me in Line that they had a spot opening up. I was very conflicted at the time, but I thought it would be rude to leave an alliance I just joined. So I asked him for a few days and if I didn’t like it here I will hop over to them. Too bad I never got that opportunity. Apologies to @anc1ent1 and company :slight_smile:


I joined over a month after Incognitos was formed.

I picked them because:

A: they weren’t a top 100 alliance
B: they weren’t trying to be
C: I liked their attitude
D: I liked the idea of being Incognito

A has been blown out of the water
B still stands (accidents happen :crazy_face:)
C I still give them attitude! :rofl:
D… yeah, nobody has heard of the Incognitos!!! :grin:


Ahhh…where to start.

I’ve spent the last 7+ months in the Incognitos, after almost quitting the game altogether. @Sarah2 not only sold me on the Alliance, but helped keep me going those first few weeks after transitioning in with a few people. Since then I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed playing along side all these guys.

When I joined, MY vision was to be in a competitive Alliance that was as chill and laid back as possible (thanks to all the guys and gals in 7DH for showing me the way). Top 100 was never the aim, it was just to do the best we could with what we had, no matter what your roster looked like, whether you spent money or not, or how much knowledge you had about the game.

Since then, the Alliance has evolved some. Some of our requirements have went up slightly, we’re chaining 14* (for like 4-5 months or more now), and we constantly have to punch upwards in war. What hasn’t changed? We don’t take ourselves too seriously, we don’t over analyze things, and we genuinely try not to do things that might make the game less fun.

If you ever are looking for somewhere that feels like home, or a night out with the friends, I feel like we’ve cultivated that as well as any other Alliance in E&P.

I have so much more i could say, but I’ll save it for our second anniversary.


I recognize soooo many names in this alliance. And truth be told, if I was in the market for a new alliance I’d be ringing your doorbell.

Congrats on your 1st year anniversary and wishing you all continued success. :peace_symbol:


@Novo it’s so nice to see you my friend. Hope everything is fine at your end. Very happy to see that you are still active and playing. :slight_smile:


The Pirate King and The Princess met so many great people in our travels. Once we landed in The Incognitos we were very happy to settle down for awhile. They were a small alliance at the time and I was happy to fight smaller titans. The Pirate King had always wanted to play to the best of his abilities while I’m a proud under-achiever.

It wasn’t long before the titans were more stars than I was comfortable with. I reluctantly moved on so I could join alliances happy to cap titans at 10. The Pirate King stayed and helped grow The Incognitos into an awesome, strong but still friendly and helpful alliance.

A big shout out to @Sarah2 and @DBC who helped me so much. I still consider @ThePirateKing to be one of my best friends in the game. When I see an explanation that really confuses me, he patiently breaks it down into terms I can understand.

I love The Incognitos! Congratulations on showing what can be achieved in this game while still keeping it fun!


Almost 8 months that the incognitos welcomed me and it’s a real chance.
Laid back but serious about the game” this is the sentence in the recrutement post that convinced me to knock at their door, and it was not false advertising :smiley:

No drama, fun, a lot of good players with deep knowledge about the game and always glad to share it. All of us are good mates and if, later on, I loose interest for the game, I’ll probably still stay for them.

Happy birthday Incognitos, may the tiles be with us!


Thank you so much for the kind words, you are simply the best. And I am also happy that you found a good home, where you get to be competitive in wars and yet hit the titans you are comfortable with. :slight_smile:


Congrats on 1 year!!!


This seems like an appropriate time for my first forum post! I joined at the same time as @DBC (she can’t seem to get rid of me) :smile: and this group is so much fun to play with and also very kind and supportive. A sincere thanks for having me, and may the good vibes continue


Gratz on 1 year. Happy Cake day. :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh my goodness…
I forgot the cake, and then I couldn’t decide which one I liked… So Happy Birthday us. :balloon::confetti_ball::tada:
Cake for all!


No apologies necessary old friend.

You ended up in a wonderful alliance with a bunch of wonderful people that I know from this forum.

Let’s face it at the end of the day it’s our alliances that keep us playing.

Congratulations on making it up into the top 100.

Even more satisfying when there’s a casual atmosphere with such great camaraderie.

Best of luck in the future to you and your compadres.

And a warm hello to all the others I know there at the Incognitos.

Yarr!!! Matey :pirate_flag:


I only joined 3 days ago, but everyone here is great. I’m really enjoying myself in this fun, active alliance!

Happy Birthday!




Happy Birthday, @ all The Incognitos!! :cake: :partying_face:

The Incognitos is the very first alliance on my wish list if I ever decide to leave leadership and move on from my current alliance.
When I told this to @DBC and @ThePirateKing, that was enough for these good folks to add me to their group. They are that cool!!
Every now and then, I spy on their conversations without them knowing. :wink: The Incognitos truly are an awesome bunch of people who really know what they are doing. And they do live up to their tag line of “laidback but serious…”

@ all of you incognitos: You’re an awesome bunch of people!! Keep spreading your awesome-ness!! Wishing you all the success in the upcoming year. Now, go break into that top-10 and beyond! :grin:

Here’s some cake!

Cheers!! :beers:



My birthday present to y’all


Perish the thought that I, of all people would be pedantic about language but…



UK /ˌɪn.kɒɡˈniː.təʊ/ US /ˌɪn.kɑːɡˈniː.t̬oʊ/

avoiding being recognized

Surely, by celebrating The Incognitos, their very raisin d’etre is compromised?

I propose that a new name will have to be used forthwith…


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