Happy Birthday Avicious


Today l want to take the time to wish Avicious a very happy birthday.
Every day he gives unselfishly to make the game better and the players better.
Huzzah Avicious! Live long and prosper… and would you please teach me how to kill Ares?


@Azure this really made my day man. thank you!

I use:

Lianna, Kiril, Perseus, Boril/Sonya, Melendor

6 blue tiles will take them out with this setup, I believe, Sonya/Melendor to dispel, perseus to stop the healing, Lianna to finish him off if you need :slight_smile:


Here some 20 characters of happy birthday! :birthday:


Thank you @FraVit93!


Happy birthday amigo!


Happy birthday :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday:


You guys rock!!! Thanks!


Instead of my usual cat, I thought you’d appreciate a Birthday Tiger :grin:


See you on Discord!


Happy birthday @Avicious!!


@Avicious - Here is to the birthday that ‘Just for Today’ matters most man!
You, Bill, Luigi, and I - we get this amazing - what should I say - chance to enjoy the many brighter days ahead!

Thanks for the share.



Happy re-birth day @Avicious. You have been one of my “unsung heroes” since l met you here in the forum. You are very courageous and your generosity knows no bounds.
Blessings & Congratulations


:cake: :moon_cake: :cake:
Happy Birth day mate.


Birthday wishes and kind words and it’s not even my birthday. Lol, you guys know how to make a guy feel appreciated. Thanks :slight_smile: