Happy 3rd Anniversary, Pinoy Scouts!

My present alliance, Pinoy Scouts (PS), is still growing strong on its third founding anniversary.

Consisting of two family alliances, PS Main and PS 2, it is among the premier competitive alliances here in the Philippines. It has weathered a lot during the past three years: the ebb and flow of players, the struggles of maintaining activity and interest among the members, the power creep of the gameplay, sporadic drama along the way, among others. Despite the odds, we are still waging victorious battles in wars and defeating titans consistently, as we are continuously growing together.

What made me convinced to settle in this alliance long-term is that I also saw how the players treat each other in real life: they really do care for each other. It is amazing to see how the game has brought people together to form a community. I felt like I have a place to call home in the game now, with family members who sometimes bicker at petty things, but would always have each other’s back at the end of the day. Even if I arrived late to the party, I am just glad I was received warmly by my kababayans here in PS.

Shoutout to fellow Filipino players in this group as well. May you find your own homes in the game, wherever you are, just like I have.

To the global E&P community, thank you for allowing this post here. Happy gaming to all!

Standing on the shoulders of the giants of PS,


Congrats on three years, Pinoy Scouts! :partying_face::tada::tada::tada:

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Happy anniversary, Kabayan!!


Thank you very much! Hopefully, more years together for us in the game and even in real life. :grinning:

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Thank you! We might cross paths in the battlefield one day. :crossed_swords:

We already did. Ask your leader or coleaders.:blush:

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For sure, I wasn’t yet a member of our alliance that time. Maybe there would be a next time. :laughing:

congrats, fellow Pinoy players! 3 years is quite a milestone indeed! More power to you!


Thank you! :blush:

20 characters of gratitude :sunglasses:


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