Happy 2nd Cake Day/Week @PlayForFun! 🍰♾️

Spring roll wrappers :slight_smile:

the wrappers themselves aren’t terribly unhealthy, but the finished product is


Obviously, because good →
unhealthy or pregnant or fat :roll_eyes:

Next round I want to introduce my favourite japanese treat.
Japan is somewhat tricky when it comes to desserts because the general rule is… they like their sweets salty :no_mouth:
But this is simple enough and not that bad for your health so it’s worth mentioning daifuku:


Basically a small ball of mochi (a rice preparation) that comes in different flavours and fillings.
As weird as it can sound to inexperienced westerners, the best filling is anko, AKA red beans sweet paste.

Be aware that mochi is notorious for its capacity to remove veneers, capsules and other implants: price can skyrocket from the 75 yen per daifuku to a several Gravemaker dentist’s invoice.
But it’s Japan, you know: if it can’t hurt you seriously it’s not worthy :rofl:

[To all the japanese out there: I love you, but sometimes it really looks like that :kissing_heart:]


That looks oddly like Chinese Bao, but not the same…


Their closest chinese relative should be nuomici.
Baos are quite different: apart from the preparation daifukus are quite smaller.
I almost forgot… this is what traditional mochitsuki (mochi preparation) looks like in Nara:

Told ya, if you can’t get seriously hurt… not really worth it :woman_shrugging:


Tons of sugar + deep frying does make it (and most Filipino food really) unhealthy… and I don’t mean fatness. I mean contributing to hypertension and diabetes, both of which are highly prevalent in the Philippines :slight_smile:

For the record, I would never equate “pregnant” with being unhealthy… while fat is such a subjective judgment, I believe someone can be big/large yet still be healthy.


I was just referring to a famous quote :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, thanks for clearing it up :slight_smile: it can be hard to tell on the Internet :wink: you know, no facial expressions or tone or body language… :wink:

(And ignorant me hasn’t heard of this quote before lol)

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It’s not that you got it all wrong: that quote was rather popular in the convent where I spent my childhood and was a wonderful tool to terrorize us into fearing anything worth living for.
I’ve come to consider it a somewhat funny quote, but it still reminds me of the best years. Not.
Unhealthy, fat and pregnant where the three apocalypse riders in any girl’s future each and everyone more than enough to render a woman unspousy material and hence condemned to stay in the convent.
As a result it is very hard for me to mantain a body positive attitude :roll_eyes:

Time for some alcohol, ain’t it? :sweat_smile:


Commiserations :frowning: I can relate - grew up attending a Catholic school, with all the sermons and sins and fear of God thrilled into me.

I was also a chubby kid… a teacher even called me out by name when lecturing about physical fitness. Just one of the many damaging encounters at that horrible school, if I ever had kids (which I never will, because I don’t want any) I would never punish them by sending them there.


Also, how messed up is it that educators would equate FAT with ruining someone???

And also pregnant, really, come on get with the times…

This coming from a Filipino, whose home country still hasn’t legalised divorce lol

Indeed, time for some alcohol. Cheers my friend, for getting past all these … these… I can’t even :slight_smile:

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This is OT here, in the sense that we want a good mood to keep celebrating PlayForFun 2nd cake day but…
Have you noticed how many of your schoolmates have gone the “no-kids” path?
Almost none of my fellows went for ckids. On the other hand quite a few cultivate a sincere - and possibly suspiciously too generous - interest in the anagram of my mispell :slightly_smiling_face:

Whenever I think about it I can’t but laugh at the irony :joy:

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haha! i’ve not kept in touch with my old schoolmates… mostly a me thing, but I find most of them not worldly enough, i.e. not curious or knowledgeable enough about the world at large. Sheltered, in a way (and for some, phobic). Not for me :wink:

ah but yes, we have to keep celebrating :wink:

This is a breakfast that my man AND his father both like eating… I bring you, Dutch hagelslag. Chocolate Sprinkles on buttered bread!


I’m old, sleepy.
Pregnancy outside marriage was a disaster in my time - and one of the prime reasons for women to end up in a convent.
Remember Jack Nicholson’s “sister”?
The social stigma was the sick basis on which convents, nuns and priests could build their :poop:show.

Fat has been a girl demon since the first fashion week in Paris, I believe.
If you were fat there were no nice, trendy dresses, your silhouette didn’t look graceful and you couldn’t possibly be light on the dancefloor - which is not true, but they made you believe so. Plenty of my friends went the cigarette path because it helped control the weight, adding the health damage to the psychological damage.

Yup, time for an Averbode :beers:


you have the wisdom of age but the curious soul of a youngster, @Yhc - and you are awesome :slight_smile:

re the fat - this is why I don’t do virtual family reunions. Or friend reunions. For some reason, Filipinos believe “you got fat!” is an appropriate greeting… I struggled with that for the first 20-odd years of my life.

then when I finally got fit the way I wanted, and began posting pics of me at the beach with my shirt off, people went,

“why do you post shirtless pics?”

My retort was: “What am I supposed to wear at the beach, a suit?”

Ah, but time for some music too…

and may I offer a Singapore Sling:

Gimme all that sugar!


So after a bit of calm has returned, everyone is rested and had their Aspirin or Alka Seltzer, let’s restart with a Bloody Mary

or a Prairie Oyster.

And then I need something fine to eat. :laughing:

Do you like it that way @SamMe?


Sounds good!

How does eggs, and avocado on toast sound? @Pike @PlayForFun Is this too healthy for either of you?

images (12)

In case it is, just add bacon.


I take the bacon variant. Maybe garnished with some beans and sausages? :smirk:


Wake up @sleepyhead! It’s breakfast and party time again!
Wake up call for @Gartenerbsen @Hellmoon @BlueHair @sft1965 @ZoibergMk2 @Sarah2 @nevarmaor @JGE @Mistress_of_Shadows as well! Spread the word!


Adding @Cheds @Rook @Yhc and those I forgot…


Had to check… What are we celebrating again? Then realised, I hadn’t posted in this thread for a while, thanks for the wake-up @pike.

Cheese toasties or just avocado on toast with scrambled eggs and a mocha or fruit smoothie to wash it down with. How many am I making? Taking orders :grin:.

Happy Forumversary / Cake Day/Week/Months…@playforfun (thread started on 23 Oct, and we’re still going…). You are appreciated muchly :partying_face::tada::confetti_ball:


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