Happy 2 Yr versary @infinite

As I was browsing the forum, I noticed :cake:.

So, I took this opportunity to say Thank you @Infinite for your insightful posts and longevity on the forum - how are you not a regular member after visiting 687 days?!

I digress… You help to make the forum a great place to find answers and have robust discussions on all things E&P.

:wine_glass: Cheers to sticking around to share your infinite wisdom :cake:.


Hurrah for @Infinite

May your blessings be as manifold as your namesake.

Thanks for all your contributions :slight_smile::+1:


Oh wow, thank you @Sarah2 and @JonahTheBard

Particularly Sarah, that is the nicest thing anybody has said to or about me on the forum for so long, and I am absolutely blown away that you’d take the time. You’re awesome!

Yeah, I don’t know why I’m not a “Regular” right now, I certainly have been in the past, probably some quirk of the Discourse platform that I need to post three times on a full moon or something. I will have to increase the fibre in my diet if I want that title back? :crazy_face:

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You’re really super close.

Every criteria met except you’re on 17800/20000 posts read in the relevant time.

Get scanning those posts!


Can you give me more detail on “the relevant time” please?

Happy Anniversary @Infinite

You’ve always been generous with your helpful advice and it’s been appreciated!


I think it’s within 100 days, it’s not obvious

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Congrats on the cake! Hope it makes you regular. :wink::rofl:

… I’m a huge fan of your name too.


Happy 2 Year annyversary @Infinite! :tada: :cake: :cake: :cake: :coffee:


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