Happy 2 years @davecozy! and Birthday!

Waitaminnit here. How do you get two cake days in a row?

Nerf @DaveCozy’s cake days!

JK. Happy Birthday. Hope it’s a great one.

Look I even included some of my zealously hoarded TP.


Happy Birthday too! Cool!

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@DaveCozy I may have missed your forumversary, but I didn’t miss your birthday. I hope both were celebrated to the fullest. :slight_smile:


Whoa, well happy birthday and forum anniversary, @DaveCozy!! :balloon::tada:

You best be having a slice of cake and pie tonight cuz you deserve it (really, thank you for everything you do here). & I mean, not like calories consumed while celebrating actually count [toward anything] anyway… so with that in mind: best celebrate everyday to be sure :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have a good one :blush:


Not just a Challenge Event, but two so far – technically I won my third today but it was a repeat of the first one (had to win it to get the avatar, which wasn’t awarded the first time they had it)

Best way to spend a birthday under quarantine :grin:


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