Hansel's Block not Working

I am fighting a Blue Titan & it appears that Hansel’s skill is not working. I have him powered up with mana twice in my last attack, fired him & whilst the 21% damage is done, the Titan still fired resulting in me losing a hero on 2 occasions

I thought I saw Rigard fire while under my Gretel’s block this morning in the Raid Tournament. I chalked it up to me not paying close enough attention but this has me wondering if there’s a bug in their special

Hopefully they can check & amend if necessary

The Titan still attacks with Hansel special he just doesn’t do his special.


What pops said. Titan will still attack. Just not his special.

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Rigard is a Cleric with Mana Shield possible. He may have just resisted.


All I can think of is mmm bop right now. :joy::rofl::joy::relaxed:

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Yeah I saw the title and for me it was mmm block…

Being from Australia I’m wondering if that is what they call a case of Hanson’s beer (mmm hops)

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Who changed the title? Mmm bop!

Just click on the pencil on the first post and you can see all changes and authors :slight_smile:

I have also been having issues with Hansel, but what I’ve seen is that his +defense against specials doesn’t seem to be working. He had that active but lianna’s special still send to hit him for full damage (should’ve been reduced substantially by his +74%defense against specials)

Lianna talent also has the pierce skill that can deliver full damage bypassing any buffs.

Could it be that?

But that’s no fun. I’d rather complain that someone else is ruining my fun.

Yes, excellent point. I thought it happened two or three times over the course of an evening, which is why I noted/asked here, but it’s possible it was a combo of me being wrong and/or it being the pierce skill on one or more of the hits I thought I took. I’ll keep testing it to see if I can either recreate the issue or verify that it works right.

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