Hansel? What's your opinion?

So I drew Hansel from the event, and I’m pretty happy because I needed a good green hero for my war teams. He looks good with fast mana and his special is interesting, in my opinion, because he deals damage, then deals more when the target gets full mana, then reduces their mana by 50%. AND he gets a 60% resistance against specials. Not bad, I’m thinking.

What do you guys think of his stats? He looks like he might be designed to be a tank, and might be very efficient against the opposing tank in a raid / war?

He is gold agains AW’s healers and it could be always good to survive Snipers (by special’s shield) and nasty Tank’s effect (by draining their mana).

Level him and never look back but… don’t use him as a tank:
at every start your foes have 0 mana and can play around your debuff if Hansef fire it too early or it could double red to remove it from the board… use it as a flanker!

Very good vs titans to skip Sloo…oow specials and then have more time to match tiles.


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