Hansel or Gregorion?

4* vs 5* dillemma :slightly_smiling_face: Both unleveled and I don’t have the mats for either one. Should I just work on Gregorion first until I can’t ascend him any further, at which point start on Hansel?

I don’t have any other 5*’s other than a 3.50 Thorne.

Hansel… it seems you don’t have enough tonics for Gregorion?

Hansel is one of the best if not the best green 4*. At 4/70 he is better than 3/70 Gregorion, it will also be faster and cheaper to level Hansel. 3/60 Hansel is also better than 2/60 Greg (That is where they will ended up without sturdy shields).

Anyway, don’t bother to level 5* before having 10 maxed 4* unless the 5* is OP like Gravemaker or Hel… Normally, 4/70 4* is better than 3/70 5*.


I have 3 tonics… 5 shields. I was thinking I could find the rest during the time that I feed Gregorion. The team will be stronger faster if I level Hansel first and will enable me to get more rare mats overall, so what you are saying makes sense.

Drop Greg for now and work on Hansel.

Once done, then go for Greg since he is great for titans if you have the right heroes with him.


In my honest opinion In your situation I would work on Hansel as a priority. He will help you get the additional mats for Gregorian

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Another vote for Hansel. He is just so great on attack teams. Neither is stellar on defence :frowning: I have both (maxed) And I use Hansel more than I use greg :slight_smile:

I would suggest not leveling Gregorion at all, if you have an option to level first or second Lianna instead.
Hansel is much more useful than Greg

Sorry in advance.

I didn’t know where to post this so just went with the latest commented thread.

How the hell do I create a new post in this forum?? Really struggling to find this thing!

Thanks and sorry once again!

P.S. Hansel!!


You just have to read some topics and hang around for a little while before you get permissions to post anew thread. Doesn’t take too long


Thanks man, got it now :slight_smile:

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Lol that was frustrating for me too, until I finally found that faq post.

Either one of them at 2.60 will be better than my Minnesius :joy: I’ve already got Gregorion to second tier before I pulled Hansel, might as well pull him up to 2.60, then start on Hansel.

For some reason I keep pulling offense heroes… to me it feels like putting together a great defense team is one of the key aspects of this game, in order to stay in high reward tiers and get better ascension items from elemental chests.

No Lianna yet. I am at tc15 still, and at the rate I’ve been getting 5*s… Greg’s looking very promising right now :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ll get there. Offensive heroes are so incredibly necessary for war and class trials that it is (almost) impossible to imagine having too many.

Boril can tank in Diamond (better with emblems), he did for me until Kunchen took over recently. Airhawk used (uses?) Kashhrek and occasionally there are other 4* tanking in the neighborhood.

Some of the great offensive heroes do decent duty defending the stronghold. Glass cannons and multiple slow heroes shouldn’t be on defense and certainly not together. Elemental debuffers don’t shine but you see plenty of Panthers and Evelyn’s in Diamond.

Hansel will help you finish things you need to finish for proper ascension loot. Without the ascension mats, the 5* heroes just take up space in the roster…


Thank you all for the advice. I’ve since slow fed Gregorion and almost maxed Hansel. Just pulled Lianna and that changes my ascension schedule - will bring Greg to 3.60 and then start on Lianna. By the time she is at 3.70 I should hopefully have the tonics.

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