Hansel isn't working

On my sons account he is doing a raid. He put Hansel special attack off 2 times and neither time it worked. No Wu Kong and not blinded. Nothing to make him miss. Anyone else with this problem. He would report it but not allowed in chat and other site

Aeron on the other side?

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Could you be more specific? Did it not deal any damage? Did it not disrupt the opponent’s special?


Sorry no it didn’t have Aaron or anyone to not make it work. Had Hansel on and when the healer kiril still got off. That is who he put him on. No other healer was on that team so it couldn’t have been that. Use I could have got a picture of it but couldn’t. Just didn’t make any sense why he didn’t work

so did the icon not show up on the hero after hansel targeted them? or did it just not do anything?

because of the latter, your son needs to hit the hero with enough tiles to fully charge him up in the 3 rounds hansel’s special is active. it sometimes goes by quick and you miss it.

if not, you’ll need to open a support ticket so support team can check the logs.


Ok thank you. It hit and has mark on him but didn’t work. Before I put in a ticket I will see what happens next time. Don’t like to rush things. Just wanted to know if anyone else was having the problem and also don’t have video of it or pics

tdid your son then send a bunch of tiles into that hero? remember that hansel specials only lasts a few turns and if you do it on one of the non tank heroes, they only have 1 column of tiles that will hit them before they are uncovered by killing the hero in front of them.

Just noticed Gretel special does NOTHING to Titans. Flashing full, hit it with Gretel and still flagging and hit me with its special very next move.
Titan nor anyone on my team causes miss (Titan had no special) and team is Gretel, bane, isshtak and kiril

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