Hansel and Gretel

The game gods have smiled upon me finally and I pulled both Hansel and Gretel, yay for 4*s. Are they good on a team together? I’m playing around with them for right now trying to learn their abilities. Just happy I finally got some new people I can use :clap::clap:


congrats. I only pulled Gretal myself but that is ok. She looks interesting. I will get to her when Wu is maxed.

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managed to get Gretel & x2 Hansel during the past event ,
are both or even all three worth keeping ?
are the better individually or paired ?
some input on both would be helpful prior to spending time levelling .

I realise there most likely varied opinion & most definitely;y better heros out there

Bearing in mind i have them im looking for advice & suggestions on best uses \7 maybe sugested hero’s they would combine with should i be lucky enough to have supporting hero’s now or in the future…
I have been playing a year so plans will be for the long haul & not instant fixes
ty to those that offer sane input :slight_smile:

Keep all three. If you search for Hansel you will see that he is one of the best 4* star heroes. Maybe the best. Gretel is good but not so good.
Offense Teams are the main Purpose.


I second that. Hansel is awesome in raids due to his mana control and fast attack. I use him a lot in diamond. Gretel is not so good but worth the orbs after Wu Kong and Guardian Jackal are maxed. I have a second Hansel and he is definitely a keeper


I have Hansel 4/70. He is awesome! In raids he takes down any tank (especially blue). In quests against boss he is great too. Keep both for war.


They are both board controllers. Hansel and Peters are the only Green I can think of and Gretel is the best 4* yellow controller for offense (Li for defense).

I have both at 70 and I have extra of each that may get leveled as well. Nether are on my main team, but I do pair them up in Wars and its a powerful one-two punch. Very handy against Guin tanks as Hansel has a good chance of betting Guin to full mana and Gretel will be next in line to give her a second shot or stop a heal\snipe.


I have both…Gretle is almost maxed and I am working on Hansel…they are simply amazing, expecially against fast mana bosses (e.g. vampires XD)


Hansel is great for everything. I got him when i was still new and the event first came out. I have never regretted leveling him and I’m almost sorry that lianna will soon replace him on my main team. His fast mana control and good special hitting power have saved me many times.

With average mana and little hitting power with her special, Gretel is nowhere near as great as her brother, but her tile damage is good (equal to his) and her mana control is great for events and titans. People like to use her for the tile damage against purple titans and event bosses.

I like to take them both for events that have multiple enemy bosses. They work beautifully together.


when i put up the OP i was expecting a lot of time waste posts & pleased that has not been the case , ty to the posters for some insights I think hansel will go high on the to do list with gretel on the lower priority as am leveling leonidas & vivica so gretel is third in priority of yellow hero’s
kadilen is curently being worked on until the assention items force me onto sorting hansel

one further question for those still reading with H & G … how is hansel at when not fully leveled ?

Merlin, Hansel, Gretel are great ( see note ).

Depending on your heroes, take one Hansel to 4* 3.60 immediately ( Hansel at 4* 3.60 helped me get into Platinum raid arena).

Take the second Hansel to 4* 3.60 for double green teams/ use in wars.

Hold onto Gretel and level her when you need her based on your other 4* heroes.


If my opponent has a blue tank or blue flank I almost always take Hansel in a pvp fight. Usually I pair him with Melendor or Lianna, depending on the other heroes I take. It works very well for me to take 2 healers (changes between melendor/kiril/Vivica, my BT isn’t maxed yet), 2 snipers (Alasie/Lianna/Marjana is what I have) and hansel. Sometimes I switch one sniper for Gormek against a green tank.

With this - 2-2-1 formation - I beat 4k+ teampower teams with a blue/green/red tank 9 out of 10 times. Hansel is able to save my ■■■ in many of them, by silencing the tank or one of the flanks when I need that. Extremely helpful.

I wouldn’t say this is definitely the best way to use him, there are probably other opinions out there, but I am very fond of him in this team.


He’s great all the way up, but my only experience with a non maxed hansel was as i was growing my first team ever so I’m not sure how pertinent my opinion is.

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