Hansel and Gretel updates

Has anyone come up with how best to use these cookie snatchers?

I have sister and am thinking third or fourth AW team if opponent has Rigard in the corner. Or a 5x yellow team vs dark titan.


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  • Hansel
    • titans
    • events
    • attacking raid
    • defensive raid, near the tank
  • Gretel
    • titans
    • events

Hansel is one the best nature heroes as far as I’m concerned. Think of him as the green Merlin, but better as not only does he make them waste their special they actually get damage done to them, which many times can be the finishing blow. He’s pretty good on titans, I use him on 10s and 11s, he does die but not as quickly as you might expect. He has a relatively high tile damage as well so he works great when color stacking… I can’t speak for him on defense, I would never consider him for D. I raid with him on the daily.

His sis is much less impressive, the average mana plus the less powerful attack makes her an easy target, although her tile damage and special is still just as valuable as Hansel’s, if you can keep her alive. She stacks pretty well with Joon, I’d imagine a third yellow there would create some significant tile damage. All in all I think they’re pretty excellent additions, Hansel is the real golden boy there, so many different uses for him, whereas I’m finding a hard time to rely on Gretel at high levels. Still, that mana control is very valuable and I still think she’s worth maxing…


In some Merlin’s case, as while a hero had Wu Kong’s buff, It’ll be a finishing blow as well (like up to 800 damage to himself or to an allied defender), but the fast speed makes Hansel’s special better, to me.


I wish hansel was a 5 star. with 5 star stats. (partly because it would finally get me a green 5)

But the special is just such a juicy and nasty attack. That it would be so much better suited in a more sinister package.


707 atk 670 def 1360

sad it was wasted on a weaker shell.

The chances of a 5* with similar mana special are slim I would think. And even if we did, I could almost guarantee that it wouldn’t be fast mana. Average at the very best and it might be a glass on top of that. It’s the developer’s way to keep the game balanced. But I totally hear ya, I’d one one of those myself… lol
I don’t mind Hansel as a 4* though, he pulls through just fine…

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Had to ask, didn’t I…

Got the weak sister. Curse you rngod

lol, she’s still very valuable I think, just not as kick-a$$ as her sibling…

Here, I thought you might enjoy watching her kick some butt…


I used Hansel against the rare titan and it worked beautifully. I don’t even have him fully leveled yet!

I used Han special 5/8 on titan. Very impressed the titan never got the chance to use special or get close to full mana :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:my new favorite green

Looks like I have some green leveling to do. I have Zeline at 4-63, then I have 2 Hansels and Peters at 1-1. If I stacked Peters and Hansel correctly, the titan would never fire it’s special :), assuming I could keep both alive (currently fighting 8 & 9 stars).

Mana potions load Han up and fire as soon as game starts. Also I’ve only been feeding my han 1&2* green hero’s only to get special built up.

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At start? Ain‘t that just a waste of his ability🤷‍♂️

No because he automatically reduces the titans mana when it gets half way. By half way point he’s charged and ready to use his special again. Every time I’ve done it this way and every time the titan never got a chance to use special and all my hero’s stayed alive to do damage! Try it for yourself! Han is fast but I wouldn’t try it on Gretel

Sadly I dont have him. But I thought it reduces the mana to 50% when the titan has 100% mana? Thats how it should work regarding his text

Yes it automatically does 21% damage when the titans mana is at full
And— reduces its mana to 50% for 3 turns . If you fire at the beginning whatever mana the titan gets is automatically reduced 50% for 3 turns. So it does damage when the mana is at 100% but it doesn’t have to be at 100% to reduce mana

Which gives you build up for other hero specials & turns if you get a bad board. By the time he and or others specials are ready to fire.
If you’re lucky ((which I have been since using him)) he will get to use his special 2 times at the very least. That titan will not have a chance to use special. That’s my score from last nights titan using him every time that’s my second highest total on a titan.
I used-
Han was level 30soemthing at the time ascension 2 5/8
Delilah level 40 ascension 4 8/8
Kadilen level 60 ascension 3 8/8
Grimm level 45 ascension 2 3/8
Wu level 25 ascension 2 5/8

. image


I’m almost looking at him like a boldtusk…and how people looked at him like a 5 star in 4 star clothing.

woulda been sweet to see how he’d play in diamond class raids

but doesn’t look like he can really hold out there as is

I raided Diamond with Wu+BT Combo for a long time… He did amazingly…

To clarify this 21%:

When the target is full, it takes HP damage equal to 0.21 times Hansel’s Attack stat, and the mana is reduced to half. I had hoped it would take 21% of the target’s HP , dealing 800,000 damage on a titan, but alas, no.

Let me second the strong positives about these new heroes:

  • Hansel is the new best 4* green in the game, and high on the list of 4* overall. His initial hit isn’t as hard as, say, Caedmon, but the mana control skill plus special skill shield make him really superb in dealing with opponent’s spells. With fast mana, he can really keep a raid or war battle under control, and keep a titan from casting at all (use mana pots if you need to). The effect on titans has a non-trivial bonus: you don’t lose 3-4 seconds while the special fires.

  • Gretel is a solid 4* yellow. Her special is the same as her brothers, but with her ineffective splash damage and average mana, she’s not as great. Perhaps a B+ compared to Hansel’s A. Given how weak the other options are in the yellow 4* group, she has a place on most mid-game teams, especially against purple titans.