Hansel Ailment Removed from Enemies by Cademons Enemy buff removal

In the latest Tourney using both Hansel and Cademon had an interesting thing happen which I was sure cost me the round. I believe Boril was center. After having both greens special skills ready to go Hansel hit first on Boril and hit giving him damage and also hitting him with ailment of taking damage when his mana was full and affecting his ability to gain mana. The next hit on Colen all the way to the left by Cademon who has the remove all buff from enemies special skill removed the ailment on Boril which allowed him to stay alive. I went on to lose the match ok whatever but clearly a bug that needs to be resolved. Thank you.

No video… no bug report. Boril could block your mana ailment. Cleric can do it.


Possible it was costumed Caedmon who was on the defense and you weren’t paying attention. The costume version cleanses. Why not screenshot the defense team to confirm.


No it was my Cademon attack that removed it not the defense. It was as if it saw it as a buff instead of an ailment.

Yeah sorry I am not one of those people that videos my game play.

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