Hansel after update

Has anyone noticed the problem with Hansel after the last update? . My Hansel does not work every time I play without wu kong, I also pay attention to the class of heroes.


Mana shield and Withstand made Cleric and Monk Bosses tough for Hansel.

But his special skill defense buff did help against Monk Joon’s Solar beam.

Defense team heroes can also add these abilities


Screen shots help a lot in unraveling these mysteries.


The same problem i have here my Hensel does not show any skills at all. I’ve raised 3 levels above and no result!

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as you can see on the screens, Hansel launched his specialty, a mask appeared on his card but he did not freeze any of the cards. Indeed, the opponent has talents on his cards but none has the ability to avoid special injuries. I will try to get more screenshots. This also happened when the opponent did not have talents on his cards.

Li Xiu is a monk, so I believe there is a chance to resist Hansel’s debuff. If I were you, I’d just post a video so we can actually see what happens. So far every report on the matter has no video attached.

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Rafli, how to publish a movie? I once made a movie about the war and it was impossible to post it since then I have not tried. Video is allowed on the forum?

You’d have to post the video to YouTube or another video host, and then you can post that on the forum. Unfortunately, the forum doesn’t allow uploading videos directly.

This is my thought too, and from the screenshot of the team, we can see that Li Xiu is talented. She would have a chance to resist any status ailment.

It would be helpful to know which hero was targeted.

thank you very much for the hint I will try to make a video the problem is that it does not happen for all the time. This happens once in a few invasions. During this game, the goal was a red hero but only after the special blow did not work I remembered about this error I thought that the error was removed. I hit Hansel, I made 1 movement with blocks, I killed a bold fang and suddenly a glare (screen). I will try to document the error better.

Edit * all the time whas (lazy)

I’ve just lost few raids because of this bug and I’m mad. This happened to me few times before. Enemy heroes didn’t have any talent, only once I’ve noticed it had but there wasn’t any info about using it.

Bug is real, i just had it a minute ago against Magni

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I have Hansel and due to fill a raid chest. I’ll take some videos and post here.


The bug is definitely real…I’ve had it happen to me, though it might just not show the symbol on the enemy. I almost swear it worked even though the symbol didn’t appear once.


If this proves to be the case, it’s likely the same as this bug:

Naturally I go to make videos of the bug and it’s working fine for me now :thinking:

Perhaps that’s what you need to do lol.

Seriously though, do try to make a video showing what Hansel isn’t doing so we can get a better idea on what’s happening. Plus you can include it when sending a ticket if it persists.

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That could actually be further evidence that it’s related to that other bug, which seems to always be intermittent. There’s been some speculation that firing multiple specials in a short time increases the likelihood that the issue will show up.

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It is not just an visual issue, he just does dmg and no skill applied. Not so often but noticeable.

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This is a pure visual issue.

Here’s how to reproduce it:

  1. Trigger a special for Hansel, for example.
  2. Trigger other specials or attack with tiles immediately, and if the hero Hansel has targeted dies in the attack, Hansel’s special won’t be visible on the targeted hero.

In other words, if the hero you’ve targeted dies immediately (by chaining specials or attacking with tiles), the game won’t show the effects of special on that hero.

This can be annoying, sure, but the targeted hero dies, so who cares?

You are wrong, im just to lazy to record as it doesnt happens that often. I admit somethimes it is just a visual issue - no icon, no enemy flashing but he takes dmg at the end of the turn. But somethimes Hansel just does dmg and nothing else.

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Since you put it that way, I do recall the same thing about debuffs not being visible when I land a killing blow with tiles, not just Hansel specific (I think it was Hel and Tiburtus). And as you said, it happens only when the hero dies, so no biggie. It always happened so fast that I couldn’t tell if I’m going crazy or what. But then again, perhaps OP means something entirely different, which would be great to see on a video.

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