Hannahs fiends against reverse double formation

When fired against the centre enemy in a reverse double defense, Hannahs fiends do not reach the enemies on the wing. They should however, as these too are next to the centre enemy.

Working as intended…
They changed it back with V42 as hit three where hit all in such formats…

  • Nearby radius reduced. Effects that target nearby allies or nearby enemies can hit only the closest targets in the formations, a maximum of 3 targets but less if no targets are nearby. This affects Double and Reverse Double defense formations in Raids and some enemy formations in player versus environment battles. This will be enabled only after all players have updated to the latest version so it takes effect for everyone at the same timestrong text

Version 42 Release Notes & Status - News & Updates - Empires & Puzzles Community Forum (smallgiantgames.com)


Thanks very much for your answer!
I wonder, shouldn’t the corresponding range for defense buffs/protection in (reverse)double formations be reduced too?

That’s working as intended as well.

Heroes who offer buffs for nearby allies (Sif, for instance) don’t affect the allies on both wings in any formation (if that hero is in the middle, ofc :grin:).

Ah, thx! I must have missed that fix :slight_smile:

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