🕵 Hannah – S4 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Thanks Liam! I have a mana troop for purple, however i was hard focused on reaching SH 20 (right now 19) that i forgot to build the camp tro train troops.

I swear the game is trolling me. I have 0 Tabbards having just ascended Dark Lord. First day I get Xnol from 10 coins. I got today’s 10 coin offer and get Hannah…

I mean I’m not going to complain as I’ll get them Tabbard eventually but you have to laugh I guess!

But that’s 24 coin summons (I had 4 from grinding map) and 2 5* from it. I won’t push my luck further!


Congrats! Another hero for your VF Dark mono team :sunglasses:

I got a second Sergei last Magic tower so I’m going to end up with 2 of those at this rate :joy:


:two_hearts: finally got a S4 5*


Congrats! She’s one of the best IMO!


So with all the anti fiend heroes coming around, has Hannah (or Elizabeth) lost some of their appeal?

Should I still be happy having pulled her today?


I think Hannah is amazing and would love to have her. Her speed is amazing with that passive. I think you should be happy. If you’re pulling from season 5, I’d wait to level her. Otherwise I’d level her immediately. She’s fit on my purple roster amazingly. I needed morel much more however and super thankful I pulled him. Glad you got her, enjoy!


Anyone have suggestions on what talent path to take? I’m leaning towards defense>attack to keep her alive for dishing out idols.

Anyone play with her and have feedback?

That’s what I did and I don’t regret it. That path will allow you to get max defense and attack.

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I did all attack. Most do it that way i believe. The stat difference between all Defense and all Attack is not that different. But it is based on play style and roster.


Should be a decent team with VF synergy.


I have a decision tho. Hannah or this girl ??? Dr Moreau was in 1st place until Diaochan & now Hannah !!

What’s the opinions ? Diaochan is awesome but Hannah has the VF 1st hit to synergise with the other VF’s in my dark mono ??? Any opinions or advice is very much appreciated.

I LB Hannah and haven’t been overly impressed. I’m also in a situation where I’m not sitting on a ton of really good purples. I’d do Dia 1st if it were me

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I have both Diaochan and Hannah, fully emblemed and LB… I get a lot more use out of Diaochan.

With only 1 token, i scored Miss Hannah Jones.
Time to crack the whips & start working on this adventurous beauty!


She’s great !! Those fiends reduce attack & prevent attack buffs. No berserker no Krampus attack buff. Absorbs healing & do slash attacks. All this & her 1st attack is after 6 tiles (with 7% mana). She’s in my VF mono, Onyx, Clarissa, Sergei, Hannah & C. Vic. which is the only mono I go with cuz 6 tiles & 3 r finished. May replace some with either Myztero or LB Arges.