🕵 Hannah – S4 Hero – 5* Dark/ Purple: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

:slightly_smiling_face: Hey guys, I got a question:
The card says “The Golden Idol Fiend gives -20% attack for its owner for as long as the owner has Golden Idol Fiends.”
If Garnet ninja (from the opponent) fires first => all enemies are immune to new status ailments => next Hannah (my team) fires => 3 enemies are immune to attack down, but they receive golden idol fiends => when the immune is gone, the enemies still got idol fiends so my logic is that the enemy attacks should start to be -20%, is that correct? :thinking:

***EDIT: Nope, just test in raids, the enemy attacks remain the same even though they still got fiends, why?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Because the ailment is applied when the golden idols are launched (when Hannah fires), not after.

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Fast mana charge at 8 tiles, mana troop level 23 give 13% faster. so 8*87%= 6,96 tiles ~ 7tiles. it’s correct?

Fast mana requires level 29 troop to get down to 7 tiles (or some other bonus).

how to calculate it?

Several other threads can explain it better than I can. Here’s one I reference most often.

I think a level 5 mana troop (7% boost is enough)
6 * 1.07 = 6.42

Will test it out once I level Hannah and the troop up

This should be a fun team to raid with.

4 heroes charging at 6 tiles once I get the 2nd mana troop to lvl 5

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Tested and confirmed that Hannah only needs a level 5 mana troops ie 7% boost to charge in 6 tiles the first time.

Team setup

Initial passive 20% mana

After 3 tiles

After 6 tiles


I have been impressed with Hannah…she just might be first in line for a limit break for me, though dark has a ton of great candidates. Offense and defense Hannah shines!

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Lots of choices in purple, but her Atk down helps out a lot! I really like her

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I’m loving her… I’d say she’s a solid A. I have great heros also. A no question ascend if you’re on the fence about it.

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I just pulled Hannah and don’t have much in her way for ascension. I have Bera and can see some synergy with the minion block that Bera can apply with the stacking DoT.

She is great. Now that I’ve gotten her up, I can’t live without. She does more damage than expected and has really increased my teams survivability.

With Underwild returning tomorrow, I decided to dissect Hannah. It’s easy to call her top-drawer now, but time has also given us good examples of how to play her. You can check it out here. Thank you!


So many top 100 lineups have Hannah now, that this is really a joke, if a C+ hero can have a place in all the whales/ hardcore player’s team, than this grading system is really not working. Is this grading restated?

Three of the current top 5 raid leaderboard has her in the defence lineup. While I understand the rankings changes every minute, I just don’t understand the B rating for defence! Perhaps she’s B standing alone and A+ when having synergy with Elizabeth? Is that it? Fiends BFF? What if we add the purple slayer and yellow magic tower hero to the team, would that make it even better?

I’d actually say she is higher than a B as tank due to her being able to fire so quickly off the bat, and because of her speed I would rate her higher in defense than Elizabeth now. And yes fiends in isolation are easily countered but double teaming fiends makes it quite a bit trickier


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